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Metabolic Diet Question


So I read the book but I am still confused on the macro-nutrient ratios. In the book it labels two different formats:

Weekdays: 40-50% P / <30g C / 40-60% F
Weekends: 15-30% P / 35-60% C / 20-40% F


Weekdays: 30-40% P / <30g C / 50-65% F
Weekends: 15-30% P / 35-55% C / 25-40% F

Which one should I use?




People should explain their posts.


I don't have the book, but I'm assuming it will guide you into choosing one over the other based on your body comp, activity levels, etc.


it was half joke, half serious. i never heard of it before so i figured it was just some stupid fad diet (TNT diet, banana diet, etc...) BUT i didnt know it was from Di Pasquale


now that i look at it i would go with the first option. more protein :wink:

i've never really used ratios/percentages to calculate macros, just made sure i was getting a lot of protein and fit in carbs/fats accordingly


30-40% Protein should be enough. I don't think there would be any reason to go up to 50%. I mean a 180lbs guy eating 4,000 calories a day (bulking) doesn't need 500g Protein.


well yeah, ofcourse in that case that wouldnt be necessary. reading a brief overview of the MD i figured you were looking for a maintenance eating plan...

anyway so if thats too much protein, i think you answered your question