Metabolic Diet = Anabolic Diet 2.0?

I’m a week into being on the Anabolic Diet and I wanted to pick up the book from Dr. DiPasquale so that I had the full reference rather than the 2-page summary I can find online.

Checked Amazon and did some Googling, and “the anabolic diet” keeps pointing me to a newer book called “The Metabolic Diet” also by Dr. DiPasquale. Copies of “The Anabolic Diet” seem to be going for like a 2-month supply of Metabolic Drive…

Same difference for a reference? I COULD find a pirated ebook of “The Anabolic Diet”, however I’, not one to cheat good people out of their money.

They are basically the same, though the good doctor has added his own line of supps which are reportedly good quality but costly, as well as some caveats directed towards the medical community as well as the general public explaining how the diet works, why it is not bad for health, etc.

Basically, it seems that the MD is AD lite, in that AD is directed towards Bodybuilders and Bodybuilders alone, whereas the MD is directed towards the populous at large.

The PDF “The Metabolic Solution for Bodybuilders” apparently still has some of this feel, but will work fine for your needs. Buy it, read it, and read “My experience on the anabolic diet” here on T-Nation (though you may need to use a search engine to find it). The thread and the book together will tell you all you need to know.

Best of luck.


Thanks, I’ve already posted once or twice on the AD thread, but fast answers are not typically what you get there. I’m an instant-gratification kind of guy, especially while I’m in class, looking at my professor while I type here or browse amazon or play SNES, depending on my mood.

I’ve no ambitions of being a bodybuilder, so I think I’ll just go with the MD book and then use my own knowledge of macros, body chemistry, lifting, etc. to make it fit my purposes.

Did you find the book I have it on pdf if you want it?