Metabolic Cost of Training

Hey CT,

I was wondering if there is a direct correlation between different types of training and the amount of peri-workout nutrition that needs to be consumed. For instance, your layer system (which I currently use, have used, and will continue to use) versus something involving higher volume, reps, and intense sets including drop sets, rest-pause, etc.

I am wondering if the metabolic cost, and therefore need for added peri-wo nutrition would be higher for the second type of training versus the layer system. I have done both types, and like you’ve said before, performance-based training can be somewhat boring and the “pump” doesn’t really come into play. Maybe it’s just a mental thing for me, but with lower reps and higher weights, I don’t feel like I need as much food to perform great. I currently just take a Finibar about 30 min. prior and either Surge Recovery or MAG-10 post workout. Thanks for your thoughts. I hope you get the idea of what I’m asking.

If I am way off base with this thinking, please let me know. Anyone! To me, a traditional BB style of lifting (3-4 exercises, 3-4 sets, 6-12 reps, including drop sets, partials, burnouts, etc) would require a higher caloric intake and/or create the need for a higher intake post workout. While in comparison, the layer system seems to be harder on the CNS and doesn’t seem to fatigue me as much. I don’t leave the gym feeling wiped out or with a tremendous pump. I love this layer style of training, but I’m just curious about the difference in peri wo nutrition requirements for the two.

It is a lot more complex than the energy burned during training. It has a lot to do with:

  • hormonal responses to training: while it doesn’t play a huge role, heavier lifting has been shown to increase testosterone level more than volume work and increase cortisol less.

  • effect on insulin sensitivity: heavy and explosive work (especially explosive work) increases insulin sensitivity the most, which tends to favor storing less nutrients in the fat cells. Doing tons of volume, especially if there is a significant emphasis on accentuated the eccentric portion of the lift can actually hurt insulin sensitivity.

  • muscle mass stimulation: building muscle requires a lot of energy (calories and nutrients). So if a method is very effective at building mass, then it will require more nutrients. When I first started using layers, I had a hard time eating enough.

  • catecholamines release: the more adrenalin/noradrenalin you release during training, the longer they stay elevated and the higher will be your metabolic rate. A training that leaves you amped up instead of tired is a good sign of elevated catecholamines.

Among other things…So it’s not just about saying that X burns more calories than Y thus needs more nutrients.

As always, thank you CT. Makes so much sense. I was only looking at the small picture i guess, the actual time that weight training is being performed. You made me look at the bigger picture. Yes, “x” workout may burn/require less calories during actual training than “y” workout, but the things that begin to happen post training on the molecular and cellular level are much bigger with the “x” workout due to the heavy loads and stress that has been placed on the body.

dont know if this will mean anything to you or anyone else. for me, i have found it interesting.
MAG-10 experience.
i just finished day 7 of cycle 3 of my leg focus 10 day mini cycle layer.
for my peri i use 1/2 Plazma preload and 2 Plazma peri
i typically take 2- 3 MAG-10 pulses after training(over 60-120 minutes) then eat
and in the evenings i typically take 2-6 pulses(spread out over the evening of course)

I recently ran out of MAG-10 for days 5 through current. i had a 2 days off because i was away for business.
My numbers have increased session over session until i ran out of MAG-10. Weird. The last few sessions, my numbers have fell substantially, and I’m feeling sore and partially drained. I thought that maybe it was the stress from business etc, but, now that things have mellowed out, I can only attribute my “lack of ummph” because of the lack of proper nutrition that i get from the MAG-10.

Even with the extra Finibars and/or food, i am still “dragging” somewhat.
So, i am just rolling along doing the best i can for now. when my order comes in, i’ll be back at it and see if indeed, the MAG-10, is what the difference is.
all the best

So one solid meal per day? I can handle that. But 2-3 pulses post wo and another 2-6 throughout the day? I’d love to be able to do 8 pulses/day but my funds don’t allow for that. I’m assuming one pulse is two scoops?? Hers my plan:

4am: Finibar and coffee
4:30-5:30- train
6am- Surge Recovery (have a bottle left)
9am- pulse
11:30am- pulse
5pm- solid meal
8:30pm- Metabolic Drive or cottage cheese

I know CT follows a fairly simple nutrition plan. Maybe he could post it here again for those like me that have read it but can’t remember where. :slight_smile:

[quote]jbalplayr02 wrote:
I know CT follows a fairly simple nutrition plan. Maybe he could post it here again for those like me that have read it but can’t remember where. :)[/quote]

Dude, the way I eat is the worst example for someone to follow. That’s why I don’t talk about it. I love training and will do everything I can to learn as much as I can and optimize every aspect of my training. But I’m nowhere close to that with diet.

[quote]jbalplayr02 wrote:
I know CT follows a fairly simple nutrition plan. Maybe he could post it here again for those like me that have read it but can’t remember where. :)[/quote]

sorry. it wasnt my whole day.
the pre and post training are there. i also have a meal in the evening
my “morning meal” is 4 e whites with rice and turkey
evenings vary from day to day. in what it is and how much.
i dont know much, but i would imagine if you can get in an extra MAG-10 or 2 would be great.
i would probably do 2 post pulses. and at nite, before bed, 1 or 2 scoops.
on non training days, no peri, no post, just 2 meals and a couple MAG-10’s at nite.
honestly, it took me awhile to adjust my nutrition to the layer system. at first, i was eating continuously, i was always hungry. now, i kinda go with the flow. believe me, i still have a super lot of fat to lose, but, i love the layer training so much, i really dont want to screw it up. so the fat loss is real slow, but the strength gains are Great, and I’m loving it.

i think ct says he east 14 hamburgers or something…
Lonnie is gonna write a book about it and make a million bucks with the new.
“CT’S BURGER DIET” “it’s not for Wimpys” “it’s for Popeyes”

Hilarious CT! I remember you saying you didn’t particularly like too many foods. Didn’t know about the 14 hamburger thing. Sounds delicious!

[quote]jbalplayr02 wrote:
Hilarious CT! I remember you saying you didn’t particularly like too many foods. Didn’t know about the 14 hamburger thing. Sounds delicious![/quote]

Actually it’s 12… but really they are plain hamburgers, only meat and bun and the meat is lean sirloin. That still represents about 300g of carbs from bread, which is why I do not recommend it. I’m training 2, sometimes 3 times a day and I actually have to eat that to avoid losing weight.

Still not bad! I personally would rather increase caloric expenditure through more exercise than decrease food intake during a, hate to say it, cutting phase. I’m gonna try the plan I have laid out above for a solid month and see what happens. I’m a big believer in the g-flux theory, so I’ll increase calories as needed. Love being lean though. Def don’t want to lose that aspect.