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Metabolic Conditioning Removed from Nautilus Principles?

Define “cardio”? I’m sure people in the habit of doing things like taking a “Constitutional” after dinner are among the centurians. But these people you see jogging down the hard asphalt every day? I think we both know the answer to that — Not So Much.
Take a nice walk. Have a bike ride. But cardio for cardio’s sake? No.

…and 3 to 5 minutes between sets!

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I’m not saying my dad and uncle’s after-dinner walks were the standard “Constitutionals”. Yes they were moving, but it was way closer to a stroll. I can’t imagine many would associate that stroll with cardio. But I do believe any movement is beneficial for longevity.

I have no problem with sore muscles after a workout. Not after every workout but at least when I feel some soreness in my muscles I know I actually worked them. It’s not like I ever look in the mirror after a workout or many workouts and see a visual difference. At least the sore muscle is telling me I trained a little harder or did something different that the muscle wasn’t used to.

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The maximal heart rate does not increase as a result of cardiovascular training. The left ventricle grows in internal diameter from proper cardiovascular conditioning, as more blood will fit into it. Thus, the filling of the left ventricle takes longer, and the heart cannot beat any faster. Competent athletic trainers know that properly trained endurance athletes display a decrease in maximal heart rate. The heart becomes more efficient. Resistance training is not the means to achieve this goal. Strength training increases LV wall thickness, and increases capillary perfusion, but does not increase the ejection fraction of blood!

Notice this: where are all the supposed HiT experts now?

That is true. Many people ONLY know how to stroll. I’m the opposite, if I’m walking it’s always at a good clip.

I’m with you 100% on this. The thing is that I can do very HARD work, but have no DOMS, because it was similar to what I’ve been doing for some weeks. BUT, if I do something very different, I may wind-up with lots of DOMS ---- even if my intensity was not that high.
LSS: DOMS are an unreliable indicator of when to workout again…

Actually, Dr. Darden contends that long eccentrics cause muscle damage in his literary efforts. However, that said, most authorities would not challenge this contention. Excessive-DOMS- who knows, that would depend-as aging occurs- DOMS is unwelcome in any amounts!

Except that he is contending that the muscle damage is a good thing, to stimulate muscle recovery and repair!!


Muscle damage is unavoidable while lifting weights. Even Original Super-Slow would cause some muscle damage. My idea is to limit such.

Muscle damage is a pathway to Hypertrophy. Has this no interest to you?

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DOMS is unwelcome in any amounts!

== Scott==
I’m curious why you feel that way ? I find it especially helpful if I’m trying to see if a certain exercise works the muscle I hope it does . The other day I did a tricep exercise I hadn’t done in a long time wondering what part of the tricep it worked. 2 days later I knew exactly what it worked because that part was sore!

Need I remind, Olympic weight lifters get very muscular. They basically drop weights.


True! However, at my age I need no deterrents to be active. DOMS is a killjoy

I’m not saying you can’t build muscle without eccentrics, but it definitely makes it a heck of a lot easier when you utilize eccentrics, rather than cutting them out. Also Olympic lifters don’t only do concentric work.


Original Super-Slow was 10 seconds concentric
And , 4 seconds eccentrics with smooth turnarounds.

Also, remember that fast eccentrics are more productive than slow eccentrics.

Darden uses 2 second eccentrics in 30-10-30

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My rep cadence is much faster than that. I lift about .5-1 second positive and maybe 1-2 seconds on the negative. What you propose sounds fine, although I find that cadence to be somewhat tedious. Whatever works for you though!


I am with you!

All reps systems work, if we work hard! I am just trying for no more injuries and soreness.

I am surprised that the SuperSlow masters never used resistance bands along with weight machines. The resistance bands slow movements considerably and make movements much more difficult to complete. BioForce talked about this years ago. I was hardheaded at the time. As leverage advantages increase, so should resistance.

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The more I talk to you, the more I understand your viewpoint. I actually am a fan of doing some resistance band stuff every day like band pull-aparts or Tricep Pushdowns, because they allow me to get some extra work in while incurring a minimal amount of fatigue and muscle damage. At one point I dismissed their usefulness, but now I’m actually a big fan of them!

You don’t consider the two 30 seconds of Dr. Darden’s 30-10-30 to be eccentric?