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Metabolic Conditioning Removed from Nautilus Principles?

I’d like to see an article dealing with how to tell exactly when you’ve recovered from a workout and when you haven’t . I worked out hard my last workout and took extra days off to recover. Feeling recovered I tried again today and felt weak . On a 10 rep set I was 5 short. It’s all just guess work. Maybe I recovered , maybe I didn’t? The old method of if you’re making gains is useless .

You have a valid point!

I am selling no books on training!

I am interested in health!

So McGuff and Little mislead readers, but your guy is right! Cuz u say so :man_facepalming:

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There are some out there!

Remember Darden’s book- The Advanced Bodybuilding Book-?

The 1st mention of Super-Slow training.
The rep tempo was 10 second concentric and 4 second eccentric. Joint wear was minimal. DOMS was minimal. The emphasis was on low force. Many lifters don’t even bother with eccentrics at certain times. Olympic lifters drop the weights. No eccentric activity! They train daily!
Why not concentrate on the concentric, and beat time consuming eccentric remodeling.

Holy Christ — I find myself almost agreeing with Marc! Here, let me bend over and release the flying monkeys!!

One training philosophy you may see a lot is: Focus your attention on the weak spots first. So, if the concentric portion of the lift is your weakest, then focus on that. Slow Concentric is a good counterpoint to Accelerating from the Bottom training. More tools in the tool box…

From what we know about Hutchins, the increasingly slow Negatives were a safety measure more than anything else. A faster negative can be made productive IF it includes a Deceleration at the bottom. And from there, I usually prefer acceleration from a dead stop over “turnarounds” per se.

I’ll have to watch that! It could harm my reputation! :wink:
The whole point is to avoid eccentric remodeling during planned usage of negative reps. The elapsed time is much longer than normal to repair muscle cell damage due to eccentrics. This is primarily due to the elastic properties of Titin. This is also why we are much stronger during eccentric actions. Heavy stimulation of Titin windings can cause extensive degradation of motor units.


I have to wonder - what is your current exercise regimen? Workouts/frequency?

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Here we go with Titin again. Are you OCD or just a robot set on repeat?


By your overwhelmingly emotional reply, you may enjoy my posts! May I suggest just to ignore my posts if you so disdain them.

Do you have any substantive information to post? Feel free to post!

:raised_hand: I asked you a question - care to answer it?



Are you asking me? If so, you never addressed the question as such! I do not want the Internet cops saying I butted in!

I directly replied to your post, asking about your training style. Replies directed at somebody, if they come immediately after that post, don’t show up with the reply icon in the top righthand part of the post, but it would show up in your notifications. So yep, @atp_4_me, I was asking you. I’m curious about how you train.


Sorry! I could not tell if you were asking me! I am not trying to be a wise guy!

I will reply!

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Not a problem, difficult to tell these things online sometimes. Thanks.

Daily cardio at whatever time I feel for, or have time for!
Occasionally I exceed Ventilatory Threshold 1 during a cardio workout.

I workout (resistance training) when the mood strikes! From vast experience, if my workouts are frequent, my intensity must be decreased.
I want to workout daily and with super high intensity. This has led to a lack of interest.

I have injuries! Left shoulder impingement, whiplashed neck, previously broken right hand, and tennis elbows. Thankfully, my lower back is strong! Isometrics suck at full range strength. They are good for healing! Frequent workouts get the healing powers going. Full range strength is good for living well! Slow reps don’t bother injuries much! Eccentrics are silent over trainers! There is a training effect without going to absolute failure! Exercise should make you feel better!

Do you have any kind of routine or template that you follow in terms of resistance training or do you just kind of wing it? Also what type of split do you follow (full body, Upper/lower, legs/push/pull, bro split)? Do you prefer free weights or machines? Also what is your preferred rep range and how many sets do you do per exercise? How many exercises per muscle? How important is progressive overload to your routine?

I know this is a lot of specifics, but I’m interested in seeing kind of a more detailed outline of your routine.

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It doesn’t matter! I tapped out my potential years ago. Everything works! Then boredom! I workout when my mood says so! Sometimes I work long hours, especially lately, giving many COVID-19 shots. I go home and sleep! The other day, I did a static Nautilus pullover for about 3 minutes, followed immediately by parallel grip pulldown done original Super-Slow style, immediately followed by Nautilus multi-biceps. I then did static rotator cuff work. Then, face pulls with special apparatus utilizing resistance bands. This Followed by static hip adduction and abduction. Then, immediately followed by original Nautilus Super-Slow leverage leg press with emphasis on slow starting position to hit the glutes HiT style. Fun workout! Later Assault bike 8 minutes and 40 seconds. 2 ReHiT intervals! My wife and I workout together on Sundays! Always fun!


That sounds like a nice couples activity. That’s sweet.

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Original SS Style — is that a big 10-4, good buddy?

More or less! Nice pun!
First off-
I don’t count except reps #’s
I don’t need a metronome making noises in the background during my training sortie.
I go as slow as possible in the concentric without any stop-starting of the movement. This rep tempo varies per exercise, as II count only completed reps.

If Darden can safely use faster reps in the middle portion of a set, so can I!
During my Super-Slow reps, I lower the weight as fast as safely possible, I don’t count rep speed, as this takes away from my focus… I rarely take tension off a rep. No more than 8 reps. At least 1 rep!

For injuries, light weights, lots of pumping rhythmic reps to get blood flow and slowly increase range of motion, statics to strengthen come later. Followed by heavy slow eccentrics to fully heal tendons.

I just don’t need or desire sore muscles from regular eccentrics reps. Original Super-Slow causes much less DOMS, and can be done more frequently for better results especially if failure is avoided.