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Metabolic Conditioning Element Q of my Workout


Im on the comeback from a back injury, hoping to get back into amatuer boxing in the next few months. Ive written a program loosely based on Strong & Ripped by Tony Gentilcore. On paper its currently as follow:

Foam Rolling:
Dynamic Warmup:
10mins (from MM + swiss ball stuff from the back specialist)
Core Work (from Combat Core):
Strength (Bench, Box Squat or Rackpull(as DL replacement) depending on day 1, 2 or 3):
Metabolic Conditioning (4 rounds of 2mins work, 30secs per exercise w/ 45 secs rest between rounds):
Random Finisher (Roll of dice)

My Q is, how would you structure the 4 MetCon exercises? M1: Acc to the strength exercise, M2: push, M3: pull & M4?


Hmmm... M1: Push, M2: Pull, M3: Abs & M4: Explosive (Burpees, Jumping Lungs etc..) perhaps?


Hmmm, well personally I'd put the strength stuff after the dynamic warm-up since it posses the greatest risk for injury and requires the most fresh CNS of any of those categories. Then maybe the core stuff, then the metcon (though I have no idea whatsoever what "M1, M2, etc..." mean as I haven't read the book), then the "Random Finisher".