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Met W/Strength Coach...Advice?

Hi all,
I’m 36 years old and started lifting again 3 months ago after a one year layoff. I’ve sensed that I needed some help because I cannot squat, even to parallel and I wanted to pattern my training so that I could compete in powerlifting competitions. So, I decided to meet with a strength coach. Last night I met one who trained under Charles Poliquin, so I figured he’d know what he was talking about. It’s fricken expensive but I think I’m going to get my money’s worth. I need some advice from you guys. Here’s what the coach found after taking me through my initial consultation:

  1. My shoulder girdle strength f***in’ sucks - HIS WORDS!! He tested the strength of my Rhomboids, Traps, and Shoulder extensors and said they are extremely weak. He said I should stop doing whatever lifts I’ve been doing and bring my shoulders up to strength first. He said if I don’t do that then I can injure myself doing benches and said that my progress in getting strong will be severely limited. Can anyone comment on that? He’s designing a program for me and I start working with him next week.

  2. He had me try to squat and said I can’t squat because my hip flexors are tight and I have a weak left adductor. I’ve never been able to squat even to parallel. Does anyone know if I’ll ever be able to get below parallel if I can work on those issues??? I want to squat and do it correctly. He said I should be able to squat ass to heels ideally.

  3. He told me my diet is pathetic, but I thought I was doing pretty good. He said the way it is now I’ll never get strong. I eat alot of chicken and turkey. He told me to stop it and instead eat beef, lamb, bison, ostrich, salmon or any other meat except chicken and turkey. I’m hypoglycemic and haven’t been eating the proper breakfast. He said to eat a beef burger and organic vegetables for breakfast because that will regulate my insulin better. He called it the Caveman Breakfast. He said that I have to regulate my insulin or I’ll never get into an anabolic state. Can anyone suggest a diet link on this forum or speak from personal experience on this issue?

Thank you!!!