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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask u what u think about met-rx original with some extra maltodextrin since its weak on the carb side.
Its ingredients are :metamyosin protein blend( milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, L-g?utamine, dried egg whithes, maltodextrin, etc.
Nutrition facts:
calories 260
protein 40g
carbs 18g
Fat 2.5g

I split this serving in 2, since i weight 120 pounds and i just need 20g protein after workout, following JB’s 0.4 g/kg rule, but, since its weak on the carb side, i eat 40g sweettarts(pure maltodextrin and dextrose).
So i end up with 20g protein and about 48 grams carbs.
What I want to know is if you guys like the metamyosin protein blend met-rx products have, instead of just whey, what are its pros/cons as a PWO shake?

Has anybody had succes with met-rx?
one of the reasons i buy it is because it has l-glutamine and lots of vitamins, also, its cheaper since i can slpit its serving size in 2 easily.
It also has the best taste ive ever tried, and its pretty thick( i like to chew my shake).



I cant buy any biotest products because I dont live in the U.S.
Ill wait for your replies but i think most of you will tell me stick with whey.
Ive tried natures best isopure, and it tastes good, what do u think of whey protein isolate?
Has anyone here tried MET-RX long range whey? its whey concentrate, what do u think about it? what about its flavor/thickness?



post workout i am not a fan…nor any other time really. If it was cheaper maybe,but you gain no advatage with their cheap protein blend. Easily for the same price you can get some straight whey protein. Smarties are cool,but you can also buy dextrose for adollar a pound if you look hard enough. At 20 grams a dose the whey would be a great advatage and the dext would be cheaper.

Has anyone here tried MET-RX Long range whey? how does it taste like? is it a thick shake just like the original mrp?

Where do you live Rollus?

I live in Panama,

When i registered there wasnt panama available so i just said i lived in the U.S.
It was the closest to truth from all the avail. countries, since i was born in New Orleans but ive being living in Panama since age 3.

Rollus I live in Costa Rica and I can order products from biotest or anyone else without a problem. Some companies dont send to p.o.box but if you have a friend or family member in the states with a physical address send it to them and have them send it to you.

Glutamine is pretty worthless. See the “Dogma” article by David Barr in the t-mag articles section.


I’m also panamanian, although I’m currently living in Champaign, Illinois, studying at U of I.

You can order Biotest products in Panama. Go to http://www.netrition.com