Pimpz and Playaz,
I saw someone post earlier about how they would die for biotest protein bars…well, since met-rx was sold to rexall sundown, I am dying to get my hands on either the Apple Pie A la Mode version of the protein shake, and now, they discontinued the keto pro protein mix. That killz, becuase it is my take that the keto pro stuff was tits, even if HMB is totally ineffecitive (it had other phattie ingredients including essential aminos and fractionated MCT’s which are essential on keto), I still would do anything to get this stuff…anybody know of any places/online sites that still has it (DPS is out now as I bought the last ones).
Anyway, should no one know, what is another keto shake made just for that purpose?
I am out

Was the Apple Pie A la Mode flavor for MRP’s or the protien powder? I have heard about that flavor but I could never find it. It sounds really good though…

Nutri-Sport has it in my town. It is also one of my favorites.

you are talking about the total nutrition protein drink packets right?..the apple pie a la mode ones…since met-rx discontinued that flavor they are in short supply i guess…where do you hail from…do they have an online site or could I work something out with you to get some of these packets…I am dying for them.

or did you mean the keto pro?
PS: I have saved every empty packet of apple pie a la mode to sniff…
Weird?.na, just anal.
Please get back to me