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Met-rx Protein Powder Recommendation?

Hi everyone. Glad to be in this forum. Hope i can learn a lot from you guys.

First of all excuse my lack of experience and my bad english.

I’m a total beginner to bodybuilding and I am about to buy a little bit of suplements. I’ve done other sports before, so I’ve taking some vitamins, or some supplements for the joints and all that, but never anything that actually added to my diet.

I want to buy, to start off, some protein powder to complement my died which I’m changing little by little to get adapted.

I don’t have much choice where I live now: I can choose some chinese brand or met-rx. I cannot order by internet right now because of my bank and some personal situation.

So, I decided to get the met-rx :stuck_out_tongue: wasn’t a difficult choice, but I dunno which one exactly to get?

Which would you recommend? I’m 1’76, 63 kgs, very thin, but I’ve put some fat these last months, I used to be 57 till I kinda stopped doing sport.

I was thinking jut getting regular “100% natural whey”. Other one they have is “Ultramyosyn Whey”. I really don’t know what the big difference is except of a minimal difference in calories and carbohidrates mainly, and I don’t understand much of this.

Anyways, other than these 2, any other recommendations? Which one would you recommend me to choose according to past experiences?

Thanks a lot! And again, glad to be here.


How much do you lift?
How often do you lift?
How much do you eat?
How much do you sleep?

If you are serious I can tell you that you are looking to solve a problem you have yet to create.

You are putting the cart before the horse if the first thing you are looking at for bodybuilding is a suppliment. Read all the articles on this site and do some training. The seek suppliment help.

You will save money - promise.