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met-rx protein plus

ugh i just bought a met-rx protein plus right? the one that cost about 40-50 bucks…well since it takes pretty long to make it i decided to fill up a plastic pitchur 1 gallon of the protein,i just mixed it with milk and thought i can use it everyday. i woke up this morning and it was ruined, i went crazy. half my money went to waste…anyone else had this trouble

Before Surge, I used to mix my own post WO drink with whey hydrolysate, BCAA, glutamine, creatine, malto, ect, ect (I still make it when I run out Surge and don’t get anymore ordered right away). Anyway, though it’s definately not Surge, I had a formula down that was drinkable (at least I thought). One time, I mixed up my brew and was headed for the gym when an emergency came up and so I put the brew in the fridge and didn’t make it to the gym until the next nite at which time I drank the shake. It was all I could do to drink it and not puke - it tasted 10x worse after sitting for a day - nasty. Oh, and with MetRx Protein Plus - I used it for long time and thought it was a high quality product but after Rexall Sundown bought out MetRx, they changed the formula from milk protein Isolates to cheaper milk protein concentrates - a much cheaper and lower quality protein. I no longer use MetRx but buy Milk Protein Isolates from the Protein Factory.

I hadn’t used the brand you mention in quite some time, having previously been quite a fan, and recently was quite appalled by one of their items. The explanation you give makes sense for how that occurred. It’s sad. Stupid, too, I think… the savings from using cheaper ingredients is trivial compared to throwing away what had been a premium reputation in the business.

Heb, you mentioned that you buy Milk Protein Isolates at the Protein Factory. JMB mentions in the Lean Eatin’ articles to consume Milk Protein Isolates or a Casein / Whey Blend, where is the best place to find this? I’m on the Protein Factory website but with my slow ass connection is taking all night (i’m a tad impatient) I’m sure I’ll learn a lot about this on the site but what is your experience with the P.F.? Good stuff?

so your trying to tell us that the met-rx protein plus now is simply useless?

Bill, can you expand on your previous statement?

I’ve been using the Protein Factory for a while now and IMO, you know what you’re getting. I think their protein powders are high quality and reasonably priced. Taste isn’t as good as some comercial powders but protein quality is excellent. Some of the comercial products such as MetRx, may taste better but the comercial products have started to mix in cheaper protein blends and fillers to cut costs and you never really know what you’re getting (except for Biotest Grow - it’s the real deal). But the Protein Factory has a lot of selection of top quality pure, unadultered protein powders - nothing fancy and taste is so so but you know you’re getting pure high quality powders. Their turn around is a little slow - 7-10 days to your door. The packaging is basic - it’s just packed in bulk in big plastic bags and tied (I’ve saved old 5# protein jugs and transfer the powders from bags to jugs or you could use big “tupperware” canisters or just big ziplocks). You must specify what type sweetner and flavor you want when ordering or it will come plain - no sweetner or flavor. However, your choice of sweetner (I use sucralose but they must have about 6-8 different kinds) and flavor are added at no extra charge. I also get the enyzme “aminogen” added for 0.60 a lb. They have many MRP blends to pick from but I just get individual powders and mix my own. In addition to milk protein isolate, I get their caseinate (same as casein), micellar casein, and bovine serum. For basic protein shake, I use 2 parts milk protein isolates, 1 part caseinate, 1 part micellar casein, and 1 heaping TBS of bovine serum. I also add a little extra artificial sweetner and extra hersheys unsweetned cocoa in addition to other ingrediants (such as a TBS or 2 of ground flax seed, TBS of brewers yeast, tsp of lecithin, banana, guar gum fiber, etc, etc). I also make “puddings” out of cottage cheese and 2 parts caseinate and 1 part milk isolates and thin with either “egg beaters” or milk or water. Add additional artificial sweetner and either cocoa or cinnamon and oatmeal, etc, etc. The micellar casein is a good protein powder and will make shakes very thick but if you add to much, it will be to thick to drink. I also buy their hydrolyzed 520 (whey) and hydrolyzed 360 (casein) to use in pre/post WO shakes. On their home page, click on “proteins” in the banner on the top bar. Then click on “proteins” in the bottom left drop down box and box will pop up listing all protein powders - just click on one. On the home page you can also click on the other headings in the top banner such as “carb powders”, “fat powders”, “MRP formulas”, etc, etc. Also, one last tip - if mixing your own MRP from scratch - “dry” shake all the dry ingrediants into one homogeneous dry powder before adding water or liquid to prevent lumps - then it will shake up smooth and creamy.

I hope they didn’t screw with the original MetRX packets… I’ve developed quite a fondness for the new CHocolate/Peanut Butter flavor! :frowning:

If you live near a Trader Joes they still have some of the old formula Protein Plus. It is only 23 dollars for the same one that costs 40 dollars at GNC. This was my favorite protein powder (before I discovered GROW) until they got bought out and changed to the shitty formula. By the way if you go to the MET-RX website and look on their forum you will see numerous complaints from customers about the quality of the new stuff.

No science to what I said… it’s simply a
matter of observation from taste that the
formulations have changed drastically from
the originals and the taste is “cheaper.”

This from someone who at one time, about
8 years ago I guess, was living mostly
on Met-Rx. Not that that was the best plan,
but my schedule was so tight that it
was about the only way to get quality
nutrition every 2 hours, and also there’s
the fact that I was flat addicted to the
stuff. It takes quite a bit for me to
decide to criticize them now, especially
since I have a strong aversion anyway to
criticizing other companies’ products. But
the change here seems so drastic that
it merits comment, especially since Heb
provided an explanation that makes sense
(the buyout) which, obvious as it is in
retrospect, I hadn’t been thinking of.

Yes, unfortunately, even the original Met-Rx has changed. I’ve been a loyal 3 time-a-day user of the original shake since 1992. Most of their products have become very cheap quality the past few years (since the buyout). But I’m REALLY sad to say, they just cheapened the original formula also! My NEWEST box of Met-Rx original packets (which now comes in a new box) list these protein ingredients: METAMYOSYN Protein Blend (Milk Protein CONCENTRATE, Calcium Sodium Caseinate, L-Glutamine, Whey Protein Concentrate, Dried Egg White) while the OLD Met-Rx (of which I still have a few weeks supply) lists: Unique Blend of Milk Protein Isolates, Caseinate, Glutamine, Whey Protein Concentrate, Egg White. SO the majot difference is a change from Milk Protein Isolates to Milk Protein Concentrate - which is a HUGE change! Also, the caseinate switch to calcium sodium caseinate (sodium caseinate is cheaper than calcium caseinate), and the egg white is now listed as dried egg white. I assume the original egg white must have been dried also, but actually saying that also makes it sound cheaper. I’ve tried it and it also tastes like a cheaper product. I’m so pissed at this company. They had such a good reputation. Not only is that ruined, but my favorite great-tasting, high quality and reasonabily priced protein that makes up 1/3 -1/2 of my protein intake is now gone. I’m not sure what to do now. I may try the protein factory.

Just a quickie.
I too was a met-rx guru…as a matter of fact, when I first started getting into bb’ing and lifting well over a year and a half ago, I remember my very first shake and how brutally I was able to make it. Since Met-Rx sold to Rexall Sundown, they have gone to shit, both in variety of their product, and actual ingredients within. For example the following excellent flavors of their packet protein drink have been discontinued:
Apple Pie A La Mode (great flavor)
White Chocolate Mocha
(not to mention that the ingredients, has Heb astutely noted, are piss poor now)

In addition, their whole line of keto products, which both contained EFFECTIVE and moderate amounts of both MCT and HMB have been depleted.

Disappointing as all hell, but you can still find a bunch of their old stuff floating around—check ebay hard.

Another example of how capitalism screws it up.