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Met-Rx Meal Replacement Pack

Hi all,

I started taking Met-Rx meal replacements and wanted to know what you guys thought of it. I drinking the extreme chocolate ones and have 1 of these for breakfast every morning. I was curious to know what you gusy thought. My goal is to stay the same size (weight) but to get very cut up…I need the most work in my love handles/lower abs…let me know what you all think.

the rtd itself is fine, but that alone won’t make much difference. post your diet and workout and we can get down to business.

Met-Rx is an decent product. There are better meal replacement products out there. Biotest’s Grow is excellent as is Prolab’s Lean Mass Matrix. I suggest you start reading all of the past dieting articles on this site. Use the search function and type in diets and read through the resulting articles. these should answer a majority of your questions.

Some people on this forum have said that Met-RX’s quality have gone down in the past few years. To me it seems like an all right choice. Remember, Meal replacements are just food and nothing special. Diet is the most important thing for losing fat and you should probably read up on all the diet articles in T-mag.

Do you think eating a MetRX for breakfast every day is going to get you cut?
That idea is how they’ve shifted so much of the stuff to the “general” public in the last 10 years!

Seriously, it IS a good MRP- the “metamyosin” complex of a combination of quality proteins is good, and IMO there isn’t much to choose between the top manufacturer MRP’s in terms of quality. I generally get whatevers on sale (of my favourite 4-5 MRP’s).

I’m sure you realise this, but you don’t just need MetRX; you need a COMPLETE nutrition strategy that MetRX works into, a good workout program, patience, and perseverence for what you desire. Go away and read ALL the articles concerning diet and training (FAQ’s, past issues) for the goals you desire, TWICE. Then come back to us again. Post your diet plans, and your workout plans here before you start (Of course, if you’ve already done all the reading up, started the plan and haven’t detailed it here, tell us what you’re doing now?).

I(and others, I know) would love to hear of your plan to achieve the look you desire, and try to help you to achieve it, if you’ve already done the groundwork.

Remember, there IS NO magic pill!

Good luck.
Hope this helps, SRS

Well, if you’re replacing 900 calories of sugary cereal or other bad food choices with a 300 calorie MRP of any brand, then yes, you may lose some fat, but there’s much more involved than that. Nothing magic about any MRP, they’re just food. I do think Grow is higher quality though and a low carb MRP like low carb Grow may be a better choice. Still, you have a lot to learn. You may want to read the Diet Manifesto article at T-mag and the new T-Dawg II Diet.