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Met Patricia Last Night

And saw her flip a tire roughly the size of rhode island 14 1/2 times in 75 seconds.

Strong, strong people over there.

Dude! That was in 60-seconds! :-)))

really? shit, i was underestimating you.

quick, tell them about how i flipped that 900 pound team of oxen 758 times in less than two minutes!

could i get a tire like that for free anywhere?

I’m jealous.


Awesome! BTW - per your invite, I’ll be in Portland from June 26(well…arriving after 11PM, so that Thursday doesn’t really count sigh) from Monday June 30 morning so I can have Ko’s omelette one last time. :slight_smile: Would love to see you at the contest.

BTW – is it me or hotels in Portland are expensive during summer? I couldn’t find anything less than $119/night near Heathman.


That’s right Rummy! Totally forgot! Folks…it was amazing…incredible. And…well, I’ll post a pic…wait…didn’t bring the camera…damn…

StevenF: If you drive by somewhat large farms, sometimes you’ll see large tires just sitting out there. Since they can no longer use these well worn tires, I’m sure for either a very, very small amount of $$ or even for free if you’re willing to haul them; you can have one. OR call around to where these large tires are usually sold, and see what they’ve got that’s ready to be dumped.

Stella: JUST saw your PM. Cool! You’re gonna have much fun that weekend. And yeah, summer is the “on” season for Portland. And folks, Stella is talking about Tod Becraft’s (the guy who’s training us in strongman) contest, “Hell on the Hill” that’ll be held here in Portland on June 28. If anyone else is around that day, should come on by, lots of heavy shit bein’ picked up and carried by some crazy people!

Patricia, what’s the tire weigh? I started training back at my old gym once per week b/c they have a reverse hyper machine. They also have 2 large tires for flpping. If my back ever gets better I’ll start doing it.

Machine: it’s the same tire that I’ve been flipping; posted the pics in that strongman training thread. It weighs around 325-350.

Patricia –

I’m gonna feel real puny that weekend. O well. LOL. :wink: It’d be really cool to meet some of your friends, and perhaps some T-men/vixen as well.

BTW - folks, plan your trip now (in case you’re out of town) cuz I only got $119/night at Hilton Executive Tower cuz of my company corporate discount.


119 a night! Jesus Christ, come stay at my house for free! That is waaaay too much for any hotel room!

I’m an idiot for not going to watch the strongman training yet.

An absolute schmuck!

Machine, the technique to tire flipping (and there is a “technique”) is that you’re in a sumo stance at the initial lift of the tire. As you lift the tire up, a knee will provide the “kick off” as your shoulders/arms provide a nice dynamic “push” at the top, causing it to “slam” into the ground. And as you push it over, you follow it down; so that you’re ready to pick it up again right away.

If, at the initial pick up, you feel your arms and back working, you’re doing it wrong. You’re “muscling” it up - your legs should be doing ALL the work at the initial pick up. As Rumbach observed on Friday night.


LOL. Are you offering your place to me? :wink:

Acutally $119/night isn’t too bad. I paid as much as $299/night in some cities.