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Met Dog the Bounty Hunter Tonight!!


Tonight was so awesome. I met Dog the Bounty Hunter and his crew. I watch little TV, but I do enjoy his show. I was so surprised at how Gracious, Nice and Respectful Dog, Leland and Youngblood were. They were so cool and even chatted a bit with us. The fact that what they do hasn't gotten to their heads makes me a fan for life.


You're a paramedic, right? How could anybody -not- respect that? :slightly_smiling:


Her profile says Emergency Nurse...

What was he doing in your ER?


My bad. No less impressive, though!


How cool! :smiley:

I'll be REALLY impressed when you meet someone from the cast of LOST. LOL!


I like this guy and his show. What a character.

Last night was "best of Dog". This young kid called his wife fat and started to get into a Kung Fu stance to face off with Dog. He gave him this big smile, took off his badge and pepper spray and said "alright kid let's go" or something to that effect. Needless to say the young man thought better of it.



I spent half my life on Maui, when I miss cazy Hawaiians I just watch Dog.

He kinda grows on you. Lealand reminds me of kids I grew up with.


Hahaha. Thats excellent.

I love that show. He proves that theory that you catch more flies with honey that vinegar....I'm amazed how he's so cool to some of the guys he picks up. And also how cool they are back to him.


I had the opportunity to watch him make a bust a couple of years ago here in Denver. Very entertaining.


That's awesome!

What I like most about the guy is how he totally changed his life around. Pretty good inspiration for anyone who has ever fallen off the "straight and narrow".


This was my question as well...


I watch the show when I can and I'm also impressed with simply how nice they are...His wife took her own shoes off and went barefoot to give a mother they picked up some shoes. And the best part is they seem honest about it.


I have. The cast are even more beautiful in person than they are on the show, and SO NICE. They hire policemen to work as security and my guy worked for them tons of times. He loves working on the Lost set primarily for the Craft Services-- they feed them well! That's my guy, loving the FOOD! Haha.


So so true!!


Thank you! It's nice to be appreciated when you work in a helping field.


My wife's a teacher. I've worked with several cops. I've had a couple friends who were doctors. Last month I spent five days in and out of the hospital getting hooked up to an IV for antibiotic treatments to try and stave off a nasty infection that decided it really wanted my right leg... and saw the remarkable amount of crap that nurses put up with.

I don't like people. :slightly_smiling: As a rule of thumb, many are stupid, dangerous sheep. Those who have the patience and spiritual fortitude to dedicate themselves to helping others, even when those others refuse to help themselves, constantly amaze and inspire me.


How is your leg today?? And thank you for the compliments. It really is a thankless job most of the time, but hearing people like you say things like that make it completely worthwhile.


I don't have the pleasure of knowing who this Dog fella is, or being able to watch his show... Can some people fill me in and/or possibly link me to some clips of him kicking ass?




This is the best thing he ever did.


It says Dog has served time for murder, does anyone have any info on that?