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Met Cons and Lifting


Howdy! When it comes to this program, what days of the week do you recommend doing it? Also, I'm into Crossfit and so I was wondering if the Met Cons would be too much for my body if I incorporated them into this program as well.


Thanks! I appreciate it.


Well it depends... once a week you would likely be fine. But anything more than that you would need to change the program slightly (removing one assistance lift per day for example).


Depends on what you mean by metcon.

A 15 min loaded carries/prowler pushing session could be done at the end of every workout (I might reduce the number of sets on the assistance exercises by 1) but a more demanding session might require more complex programing.


Try this https://www.t-nation.com/training/targeted-fat-mobilization


Perfect. Thanks so much!

I think I'm going to try not using the assistance lifts and do the WODs that my gym puts out. Granted, I'll pay attention to my body and not push it too much. (i.e. taking rest days when needed).


You need one assistance lift since progress is about correcting weaknesses


Thank you, sir. I'll definitely keep one assistance lift in then.