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Met-Con/Metabolic Conditioning Q


What are the principles of choosing exercises for Met-Con workouts? Im not referring Crossfits stuff either, they just seem fuckin random...


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Tried that first. Got a link?


The answer is barbell or kettlebell complexes. what aport to you compete in?




If your boxing I would just have a basic strength routine then. Deadlift, bench , lat pulldown or chins.

Best way to get in shape is sparring. You should know this. Does your trainer/coach? Do weights to get stronger and to prevent injurys, not use them for anaerobic conditioning. Medium to heavy weights for high reps will make you feel fucking sore and you will proberly over indulge to compensate. This will interfere with your SPORT specific training i.e. bag work. Just do your bag work, hill sprints/runs and sparring and some rope work for light feet.


I agree with you that sport specifc training is the most important. IMHO, conditioning drills in the pads or bag are the best to build fighting conditioning.
But sometimes circuits/complexes etc.. can be useful too as long they supplement and not replace the basic strength work you mentioned, and dont take away from the specific work.

To the OP, i think the most important when doing a circuit picking exercises and orderin them in a way the focus is in systemic fatigue rather than local muscle fatigue.

For example: chin ups, sprint, pushups, jog back to the chinup bar and repeat is a good circuit. Burpees and DB swings/snatches are a good combination. But various exercises in a row that tax the same muscles (burpees after pushps, or various exrcises that tax the grip...) dont work very well. This is unless you want to focus in a specific muscle group endurance, then its another story...

Also you dont want to pick execises too technical that can become dangerous when you are highly fatigued.


Thanks for the input guys