Met a New Girl. Advice Needed Urgently

Hello everyone. I will explain everything in detail so that you guys know exaclty what happened and give suggestions accordingly. I request you all to please read it thoroughly so that you can tell me where exactly I made a mistake (if I did ).
As the title says I met a new girl in my house. She is my roommate’s friend. I came home from gym saw both of them sitting in the living room, I said hi to them and had a brief conversation with the new girl. She seemed talkative and asked me questions. My roomate invited me for drinks with them as they were going out . I went out with them. There were 5 of us. Me , my roomate, the girl I like , roomate’s brother and sister. The girl seemed very interested . After a while everyone got busy and I was with the girl I like most of the time. We were talking , smiling , laughing and were having a really good time. She seemed pretty interested . The club was about to get closed so I asked her to grab food for which she said yes. We ordered food from takeaway and decided to eat at my home. We took a taxi , reached my home. By the time we were about to finish food, my roomate arrived with a guy she picked up from the club. All 4 of us were in the living room and the conversation just kept on going. I was just thinking when my roomate will go to her room so that I can make the move on my girl. It was almost 5 am and my girl just said she is ringing a taxi and just got up from the living room and went to another room. My roomate followed her and they had a small conversation. Meanwhile me and the new guy were talking. My roomate came back told me she needs cuddles. I was very excited and went to her, sat beside her, talked for a minute and started kissing her. We kissed , hugged, I felt her body but couldnt proceed as she told me she is on her periods. So we just kissed and lied on the couch together. She was very sleepy and almost slept in my arms when the taxi arrived. I took her number . hugged her and said bye.
I texted her the next evening asking how she is feeling. She replied when she saw the message that she is still hungover and asked me how I am feeling. We exchanged 2-3 texts. This was sunday.
Monday - No text from my end . No text from her end.
Tuesday - I messaged her . She read my message but replied after a few hours telling me sorry as she has long shifts. She did ask me questions though and tried to keep conversation flowing. ( She works fulltime as a nurse)
Wednesday - I texted her in the afternoon asking her if she is free on the weekend. She replied after - 8-10 hours , telling me that she might be going to her sister’s on saturday and can’t drink on sunday as she has to get up early on monday for work. She asked me what I am doing. I told her I am having a houseparty on saturday.
Meanwhile I was asking her general questions and she used to reply very late but she always asked me back questions. She wasn’t trying to end the conversation.
I never sent two messages in a row , always waited for her to reply to not look needy and clingy.
On saturday evening I asked if she is meeting her sis . She told me the plan is cancelled and she will be going out with her friends (including my roomate) for dinner. I asked her to come to the houseparty after dinner. She asked me where that house party is happening. I told her my house . She didnt reply
but around 2 am she came to my house with my roomate and my roomate’s new guy.
Now the interesting part … I was with my friends. We all sat together for a while and then me and my friends went to other room while them 3 were in other room. My friends left after 10 minutes and I went to washroom and bumped into the girl i like. We had a brief conversation and I asked her if she is staying tonight for which she said yes she will be staying over. I went to the washroom and then to my room. Meanwhile the guy left and my roomate and the girl I like went to my roomate’s room. I texted the girl I like what she is upto . She said she is talking to my roomate and told me to join them . I said I am feeling lazy and told her to come out instead. She didnt reply for 10 min. After which her room’s door opened but she didnt come to my room,instead she went to washroom. She texted me that she is randomly moving here and there and not seem to understand what she is doing. She went back to roomate’s room and just dozed off. I felt pathetic . I was thinking what the fuck is wrong with her. I am waiting for her and she just went
back and slept. What the fuck . She didnt message. She woke up in the morning and texted me that she is really sorry that she just slept. She asked me if we can talk now. I was feeling extremely bad from her last night’s behaviour and said no not now I am not feeling well. She said she isnt feeling that great as well. I waited for 5 minutes and replied that I am going to washroom and we will talk after that. I went to washroom , then went to kitchen to have water. She came downstairs with my roomate and they said they are going out and will be back in a while. They came back with 2 more of their friends and they all were sitting the the back garden. I was in my room. She didnt text me and neither did I . After sometime I saw her leaving from house …
The same day I texted her later asking whether she has our pic from last weekend club nightout. She said she doesnt have it and its in my roomate’s mobile. I said alright I’ll take it from her . The next day I messaged her for which she replied again in the evening. This time I decided I shoud take time as well to reply. I replied to her message after 7-8 hours for which I never got the reply back. Its been 2 weeks now . I didnt message her again and she didn’t either.
I really like her and miss her what should I do ??? Please help guys . I am sorry I made you read such a long message but I had no other option. I am going crazy and want accurate suggestion for my situation therefore , decided to explain everything in detail…
Please help me guys … Did I mess it up ? Did she like me ? What are the chances I can have her ??.. Looking forward to hear your thoughts and opinions on this … thanks

You text a girl in the next room…In your own property???


Ya shoulda- PIIHB

Kids these days. Sheesh!


Sounds like she’s not really into you. Contacting her after 2 weeks looks needy. Move on to the next one.

Yup next one. Bonus points if u can get a hotter one. Even more bonus points if you can get the old one to see you holding hands/kissing/fucking the new hotter one.

Hey irish man, all this happened in Ireland lol. I am currently living in Dundalk. You are right I should get with someone else.

Yeah I think the same . But I fail to understand one thing. After such a wonderful night out when I could see her interest level so high how come it went down after just one night. I forgot to tell she comes under the category of 8s and 9s . Also she hasn’t had any bf since a long time . Could it be related to that ?

Its not actually my own property. I have just rented a small room . Does it actually matter ?

I guess I deleted my response. Weird. I’ll try again.

She wanted someone to chat with and maybe kiss. You were present and she found you whatever enough to do that. That doesn’t mean she wants to do either again.

And being the guy that texts from the next room instead of walking over isn’t going to change her mind.

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I skimmed your first post, but would say this is where it all went wrong. “No, too lazy to pretend interest, just come fool around with me, ok?”

For whatever reason she was still interested in trying again the next morning, but you were angry and wanted to play childish games.

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Oh shit I am such a moron . Do you think something can be done now ? Should I try texting her again ? Maybe ask her was is it all for just one night or something like that so that she can clearly tell me what she felt at that time and what she feels now ? Do you think this is a good idea or I should do something else ? To be honest with you she is still on my mind and I don’t want to give up on her. She is definitely a keeper.

You sound like a freakin wierdo. Seriously.

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why bro ? I said that because:-

  1. she doesn’t sleep around
  2. she is ambitious and career oriented
  3. she is very pretty

whats weird in my statement ?

The rapid fire “Oh My God What Should I Do Now!?!” nature of it, plus the determination that she’s a keeper. You only know as much as anybody was willing to tell you at that point of partying and smooching, which means nothing.

You smooched a little bit. Chalk it up as a small victory and move on instead of considering it a loss and trying to fix it.

That’s what I was doing. Moving on . But then Emily’s comment made me rethink that there might still be some hope. That is why I asked her whether I should text her again.

is this thread worth reading?

Boy meets girl.
Boy kisses drunk girl.
Boy wants sexy time but nothing happens.
Boy and girl text for 2 weeks than it all goes cold.
Boy is lonely.


Tell her (to her face) that you want to go on a date and won’t be a chump about it.

meh, don’t think I’ll bother. Cheers for the synopsis

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I don’t know about telling her to her face, but seriously OP, does it not occur to you to ask her out for a pizza or whatever it is people do wherever it is you are? Or do you just wait around on your bed for girls to come along?

It’s all really repulsive, honestly. How old are you?

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