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Mesterolone Dosages

Is there much point in me taking ABOVE 50mg. a day with my Test cycle to reap the SHBG (if that is what gives proviron the benefit to free testosterone levels) benefits??


Yes, adding proviron would help during your test cycle.

how much test are you using and of what ester?
50mg per day is usually plenty enough in most cases though.

You hear rumors of guys not necessarily muscle type guys using upwards for 150-200mg a day for their sexual performance. I have never exceeded 50mg ED myself in two 25mg pills one Am and one PM. It is very difficult to quantify how effective proviron really is and I’ve used it a whole bunch.

From experience at 500mg a week I’d even say 25mg might get the job done. Certainly 50mg ED covers the conventional wisdom and/or test doses up to a gram a week.

Thats it, thanks.

For who asked, i am using 500 a week cyp, and 50mg prov.

I have used it alot also, and i like it. a cheap addition that does tend to give a good look to my muscles even though i am not single digit BF.
Thanks again sapsasion, thats all i needed!