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Messing With Some Lil DBols, Need Advice


I've been lifting recreationally and seriously for about three years now, and wanted to integrate some new supps into my regime.

I have a friend who is pretty into bb'ing and his brother is on hgh, test, dbol and whatever else, 24/7.

Anyways, I wanted to test this out, read up on it, talked to my brother who used to use, and found that dbols are pretty harmless if taken consistently and in small dosages.

Thus I am using them now.

These dbols don't seem to work, I don't feel the affect, so to speak. I've been on 2 a day for a week and just went up to 3 a day.

They look exactly like these.

My friend said there were 10 mg, when I weighed them it took six to make a gram, which means, either my scale is off or they are a little light.

Anyways, I'm using them, and I don't feel like superman, nor feel different whatsoever, my lifts haven't particularly improved yet either.

My vantage of comparison, is when I was 18, I took several BIG capsules of dbol and got up to 3 a day. They were from Thailand and I believe 50 mgs, I got pretty thick on the time I was on them, and felt super confident, aggressive, and also had some trouble sleeping.

So what should I do? Buy some test and go all out? Stay on these and feel them out? Take another 3 at lunch time, and make six a day total?

What would you guys suggest?
My goals are to get more masculine features, and put on some muscle weight,and also see what kind of positive mental side effects I an take advantage of, ie go gape some girls while I'm in super-caveman mode.

However, I'm cutting right now, so I'm not trying to blow up.


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Are you eating enough food to facilitate muscle growth?


I'm 22, I may not be eating enough.
I run 2-3 times a day and try to eat a lean lo-carb, hi-protein diet.


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From what I understand dbol is rarely faked although stranger things have happened. 3 x 10mg/d is perfectly adequate to build size. I used that amount in my cycle and it blew me up 20 lbs in 5 weeks. You should take them evenly split throughout the day since dbol has a short half-life. You have to increase your eating accordingly. I recommend low carb to minimize water bloat that dbol is famous for. You should definitely feel more focused, intense, and stronger in your workouts.

Also very important is to use an AI. Dbol aromatizes a lot which will boost estrogen and mess you up with gyno and anxiety. Use Adex at 0.25mg/d or EOD at least.

As for your calculations of weight. It doesn't work that way. 10mg is the active ingrediant in each tab. Over 40mg/d is probably too much for a first go round.

If you aren't experiencing these things, then maybe it is fake. Give it at least 2 weeks before judging.


Why Dbol while cutting dood?



WTF is that a joke? go gape some girls? ya buddy youre a great rep for steroids, and we wonder why they are illegal....


He said gape, not rape. I don't see the problem. Most guys do it; on juice or not.


lmao i didnt know "gape girls" stood for something i thought it was a "rape girls" typo... my bad...


Bet he is enormous dood.

Where is this data? harmless in what sense? Toxicity? Androgenicity? Efficacy?!

Great news.

They to me look like Brit. Disp. 5mg's. Could be wrong.

My god! The active substance (Methandrostenolone) should be 10mgs (of which it would take 100 DOSES to make a gram! - The pills themselves will NOT weight anything near 10mgs as they are made larger, with binders and fillers.. have you SEEN 10mgs?!

OK so do you know the effective dosages of dianabol? Do you? Well APART from the fact that the highest safest used dose is only around 50mgs these days (although many i'm sure have taken a hell of a lot more in the 70's), IF your pills were indeed 50mgs (or indeed Dbol at all) and you were taking several, ie. more than 3.. you would have been on at least 150mgs a day, that is 1050mg a week.
Currently you are running 2x10mg a day, that is 20mg and 140mg a week.. see the difference?
And for gods sake i am NOT suggesting you do and eat a gram of dbol a week. It might just kill you.

Ahem.. :confused:

What the fuck is gape some girls, if this is a typo for rape then you are due to get beaten.
Why do you need more masculine features? How old are ya? Features such as?
Why are you 'cutting'(non-BB's using this term makes me ill to the pit of my stomach!) when you still need to grow? Are you fat?




lmao 150mgs a day, healthy and safe!
good post brook!


150mgs a day? Thats weak I was taking over a 1000 a day with the 250mg pills made in usa of course.


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why bump such an old thread?


It was referenced in another, my bad didn't realize how old it is!