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Messing with Gym People


Hilarious! I haven't seen this posted before so figured I would.

"Don't lift it let Jesus lift it!"

"Skip in place!"


Hmm that's pretty fucked. I'm digging the air humping but the rest is just being the kind of guy I really wouldn't like. Ahh well, broken sense of humour for today maybe, worth a laugh anyway :stuck_out_tongue:




Not nearly as funny as this video. The most legit workout ever.


That was actually really funny, good find.


Lol yeah props to that. I'm totally going to implement some of those exercises in my routine.


Squat/Sit-Up Combo FTW!



Nearly as good as a friend of mine who used to do lunges with his foot on a table next to someone's lunch. He'd get into place and then enjoy a nice stretch while they found out whether or not his fly was done up.


an absolute classic.




notice it's only the really big guys who fuck around in the gym.