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Messed Up with a Girl. Help Needed


I agree

It’s funny you chose to reply with this rather than taking the less key stroke approach and just saying whatever your answer is … odd choice to me but different strokes I guess


I agree with what you are saying here, but maybe not with the same logic as you. Basically, transsexuals are going to be uncomfortable and out of place almost anywhere they go and bathrooms are just one of those places. Yes, they could find some liberals here and there who accept what they are doing but the acceptance of this is a very recent trend. Perhaps it would be better if they were to come to terms with their physical bodies that they were born into rather than creating a new issue. And encouraging children to experiment with various gender identities from a long list, plus all sorts of abnormal sexual behaviours, is not going to make life easier for them in the long run.


I heard he snuck over the border wearing a dress and a wig.




The pangender, non binary one


Yes, I understand the double standard you are trying to suggest. All I am saying is that the seriousness with which being uncomfortable is treated has to be logically consistent. If women and girls are expected to deal with their uncomfortableness when a man uses the women’s room, the same expectation aught to fall on men who are uncomfortable in the men’s room. Uncomfortable is important or it isn’t. It isn’t both depending on who you are.


Would you agree this maxim also holds true in instances of state sanctioned segregation? IE: if the majority class is expected to deal with the uncomfortableness of being around the segregated class, the segregated class should deal with the uncomfortableness of segregation?


I think this needs to be said daily:

This thread is a fuckin’ rollercoaster mang


Is that anything like this?

EDIT: Posting this made me sad for how much I miss the 90s.


Must immediately replace all mention of genitalia in this thread with the word ‘unit’. It’s much more gender neutral, anyway.


I remember waiting all damn day watching Mtv for this video to come on … unless it was about time to watch tiny toons, animaniacs, and batman the animated series … best hr and a half television programming of my pre- to early teenage years


Thank goodness.

Feel free to stay out another 20 years.

Or permanently.


Why do you say that, are non-liberals persona non grata?


If we are talking about bathroom segregation, then yes. The entire point is that bathrooms are segregated by gender. If that isn’t important, then we should just let everyone use whichever bathroom.


I happened to be listening to a radio show that was talking about Seinfeld. The episode where a reporter is interviewing Jerry and ends up believing George and Jerry are in a gay relationship.

In the 90s, this was a very anti-homophobia episode. It was at a time when the Friday night sport for males before hitting the bars was to go to known gay meeting spots and beat the living crap out of gay men.

Obviously standards change, but the presenters of the radio show were quite amazed at how homophobic this show was. It is interesting that a show that was confrontational for a lot of people in it’s pro-homosexual stance can be considered so backwards in such a short time.


Nope. Just as a general thought.


I find it quite reasonable for a woman to be uncomfortable that a man can watch her use the bathroom. That isn’t comparable to a man who is uncomfortable with sharing a restaurant with someone of another race.

At a certain point, there has to be a standard for what is reasonable to feel uncomfortable about and what isn’t reasonable. The very existence of gendered bathrooms suggests that we find feeling uncomfortable about sharing a bathroom with strangers of the opposite sex to be reasonable.


I apologize, I think I poorly communicated my question. I am not discussing the specific instance of bathrooms, but the general instance of state sponsored segregation. Would the maxim

Uncomfortable is important or it isn’t. It isn’t both depending on who you are.

hold true there?

Based on what you wrote here, it seems we can agree that there are in fact various levels of discomfort, or instances wherein the discomfort of one group DOES trump the discomfort of another. From there, it’s a question of determining what does hold true.

I absolutely understand your position on the bathroom issue, and it’s your position to hold. But I also understand the position from the other perspective.


Don’t women’s bathrooms only have stalls? Pretty sure if someone was watching a woman go, they done just kicked in her stall door haha.

So which bathroom should the biological women with a beard and men’s clothes use? Which bathroom should the bilogical man with tits and woman’s clothes go to? I wish common sense would be used and folks would just use the bathroom where they bring the least attention. But nooooo, everyone’s gotta be a hero and make a statement, or start an argument.


Hey guys. I messaged this girl after 2 weeks of no contact and this is how the complete conversation looks like :-
Me - Hey you got your period ?
She - Hi. I’ll have it in 3 days. I hope so. I’ll let you know, don’t worry.
Me - Hmm okay.

Next day

She - Hi. I got it. So no worries.
Me - Good news. I told you nothing will happen.
She - We are lucky
Me - You feeling relieved now ?
She - No doubt
Me - Great. Enjoy :+1:
She - Ha Thanks :slight_smile:

After 2 days

Me - Hi i was thinking of just being normal friends and not expecting anything from each other. What’s your thought about it?
She - Hi. Yeah sure if you can do it then why not.
Me - I don’t want to think about the past . We should leave it in the past and start fresh :slight_smile:
She - Yeah sure :slight_smile: I agree with you
Me - Cool then :slight_smile:

After 1 day

Me - So what’s up with you ? How are you doing ? Your work contract is till 11th november right ?
She - I’m ok . Spent 2 weeks in my home town , quit my job yesterday and almost got a new job. What about you ?
Me - I am good . What kind of job will you be doing now ? And are you free tomorrow or on monday ? Its been a while since i met you . Let’s meet up and talk .

She read the message , 2 days have gone by she hasn’t replied .

Do you think i should have called her to set up a meeting instead of just texting ? Is she playing hard to get , giving me mixed signals or she is just toying with me ? What do you guys think?