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Messed Up with a Girl. Help Needed

Using anabolics without a prescription is a federal crime in the US, nevermind plenty of guys have long post histories and/or training logs documenting their use with progress pics of themselves. My point is, discussion forums reporting crimes is a slippery slope, at best.

From the quick research I did earlier (Google Fu, again), it seems to be a grey area. Like, stealthing (starting sex with a condom then removing it and raw dogging without telling her) is considered sexual assault in some places. Not telling your partner you’re HIV positive until after you’ve finished is illegal in many places. Finishing inside when that wasn’t part of the plan is sometimes seen in a similar vein.

Basically, changing the conditions of consent without actually getting consent.


Ya, no. Your stupidity will live for all eternity.

I’m sorry, did something begin one way and then end up a different way that you didn’t expect and don’t like? Huh. Fancy that.



That’s sort of what I was thinking.

Punches can be used as punctuation marks.

ex: “Don’t ‘bam’ You ‘bam’ Ever ‘bam’ Come ‘bam’ Near ‘bam’ My ‘bam’ Daughter ‘bam’…”.

When I first read the title I thought this dude has forgot a birthday or something…

Everyone’s said everything already but just…oh my god…:hushed:

I always thought saying you won’t cum inside a girl was code for Im going to PIIHP. She probably thinks you’re pretty thick. You stuffed up bad man, accept it, be thankful she forgave you and move on.

Angry Chris doesn’t come out often, but I love it when he does.

FTR, I agree, it’s not forum director prerog to out people.

This guy. As soon as I saw the OP handle I knew what was coming. Bleedin’ Christ.


My thoughts exactly, this guy is obviously a fucking idiot but there is no form of sexual assault going on here. Too many people hopping on the MeToo bandwagon and making bullshit allegations. It’s more like a form of negligence or incompetence than anything, relying on pulling it out as a form of birth control is risky no matter what and if it doesn’t happen as it’s supposed to then both parties are to blame. There are plenty of stories of girls poking hole in condoms or even giving blowjobs and putting the cum in their pussy so they can get pregnant and I have yet to hear of one getting charged with anything.

He’s a fucking moron, but the some of the comments on this thread sound like male third-wave feminists.

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Equal rights: next time a girl gets her period during sex she’s serving 5 years before parole eligibility. No excuses.


You can ask my wife…I would have been one of those dads whom would probably in this day in age would be charged intimidation charges or worse. If I had a daughter and some young man crossed a line with her.

On the other hand if I found out that my sons crossed a line with some young lady and I found out… needless to say someone would be removing my work boot out of their ass. If there is anything remaining once mom tore either a new ass .

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Rape is sticking something (penis, finger, branch) in someone’s vagina, ass or, in some places mouth, without consent.

Clearly not what’s happened here but in some places a good lawyer may be able to make a case for rape.

If you were to ejaculate on someone without their okay outside the context of consensual sex then you would certainly get charged with some form of sexual assault. I think this is an avenue that could legally be followed.

In the context of sex, I think any halfway okay lawyer would get the law on the ejaculators side.

tldr; OP is more a selfish asshole than a rapist but depending on where you are and how the law is interpreted then it could end anywhere.


Irregardless of what the law is in whatever jurisdiction, I’m such you wouldn’t want this to happen to any woman in your life like your daughter or sister.

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Would you want your son in jail for years and on a sexual offender register for life for having consensual sex and failing to pullout on a risk both of them had to know was pretty likely to play out? Or worse having an accident, pulling out too late?


He shoulda known better than to try his luck like that. I’d hold anyone to the same standard that I’d hold myself. It seems as this guy made no precaution or attempt to prevent this.

And dont get me wrong - this girl played herself by letting a tinder stranger in like that. And while mistakes like this can happen, this dude showed and continues to show a predatory lack of remorse and lack of accountability.

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Damn. We just went from “I’m a douche” to the custard slinging scene in Silence Of The Lambs in 56 posts.

I :kissing_heart: the interwebs.

This is true for both of them. She should also have known better than to have unprotected sex and allow the risk of pregnancy to float out of her control (outside of a condom break)

Im not saying this is a good scenario or OP didn’tdo anything wrong. It just doesn’t make him a rapist or someone that needs to go to jail.


I guess we can both agree on that, but I think his crime and punishment is best left to the courts in his jurisdiction based on their law.

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What about when girls say there on the pill come inside me baby. But they are not. Then a month later there like. “Ohhhh my Gawd I don’t know what happend, how can this be I am preggers”

You consented to ejaculating under the pretense she was incapable of conceiving. She lied. Thats fucking sexual assault right there by the standards you freaking jabronies are putting out there.

All women who have done this need to go to that place Colucci mentioned. Oh yeah poundmeintheass prison. BTW, side note, Colucci prison rape ain’t no joke. People don’t realize more men are raped in the USA than women if you take into consideration prison rape. Kinda interesting. #metoo. But yeah its funny to joke about it right.

Bottom line guys a bit of an asshole worst case scenario. Rapist? Assaulter of the sexual variety. Hardly. I think the worst part is not what he did but how he handled the ensuing aftermath.

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@Chris_Colucci So earlier in this thread people were talking about putting up this guys location, can you see where everyone lives? I don’t understand, it’s from my understanding that you might be able to view the IP address that has logged into this website, therefore you can tell what city one is logging in form, but can you like, narrow it down to the address and everything. I’m asking this because I don’t want my address up for grabs, just clarifying

On a side note, if it’s IP tracking I’ve probably logged in from all over the world haha (not really, but I browse from through different IP addresses all the time)