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Messed Up with a Girl. Help Needed

Jesus this thread! On a positive note I now feel better never having a daughter!

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Hey bro, would be very interested to know what city you’re located. I think it’s important to know when giving you advice.


It’s a scumbag move to expect a girl to take emergency contraception, because that shit should be for emergency only. And I’m not sure what her home country is or where this occured, but I’d assume it could be difficult in some places to get a hold of.

But for real, please post your location. Or maybe a mod can narrow it down.

Sometimes I think I would like a daughter - then I read shit like this and hear stories about halloween costumes in high school and I’m like … nope.

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I really can’t imagine many people seeing a way to justify his actions. There’s nothing understandable in what he wrote … but you’re right, a site full of meat heads and this is these are the responses … does give a bit of hope


I’ll never understand why people post these kind of things on a fitness forum.

Sidebar, OP is a scumbag.


This shit is good evidence for his local police department.

@Chris_Colucci could you give us his location so he can be reported?

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If I ever have a daughter, I hope she’s not like “hey brosef, I just meet on tinder 3 days ago, you don’t have to wear a condom, but just please don’t nut inside me.”


Yeah, no, I more-than-appreciate the sentiment, but that’s not something we can do. First, he’s outside the US, and actually stated in another thread that he’s in India (or was, as of about three years ago). So we’d report what to whom?

Second, while it goes without saying that this guy is a flaming dickwad who deserves a visit to poundmeintheass prison, it’s (unfortunately) not entirely clear that this behavior is actually against the law where ever he is.

Third, there’s the Big Brother angle. If the site started reporting members to the authorities because of posts discussing illegal and/or potentially illegal activities, the majority of guys who post in the Pharma section would be fucked.


I’m pretty sure taking part in Pharma is much more different than having evidence of unreported sexual assault. The laws are pretty universal when it comes to this no matter where it is, and his confession is right here.

Maybe http://doj.gov.in/ can help us figure it out.

Is this really legal rape/sexual assualt? She consented to everything, including not using protection. Except, where he finished. (According to this fuckface anyway)

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a piece of fucking shit, but a rapist? Seems a bit much.


Okay guys i know what i did was wrong . Your anger is justified even i feel terrible it was a mistake and she has accepted my apology . I will learn from this and never do this again .

She didnt consent to where he finished. And he did that against her consent. Sounds like what it is.

Turn yourself in if you are truly sorry. Leave the # of your local police department so we can verify.

just do us a favor and stop posting on this forum. You’re not worth our time, or anyone else’s.


I mean, I guess. She trusted that he wouldn’t per dickforbrains words. She allowed his tiny penis inside her without a condom on, though.

I’m curious what the law actually say.

Yes you are right . I will not post anymore i was just depressed and needed advice from you guys

You wanna be a victim so bad. Maybe you should turn yourself in. Whats your location?

What if I pullout and the girl is like “I consented to you cuming in me not on me.” Is that rape? She didn’t consent to having cum on her body.

Hey chris . Please delete this thread as its not worth anything. I will not be making shitty threads like this anymore . Thankyou.