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Messed Up with a Girl. Help Needed

Have been seeing this girl for over 1 month . Till now met her 6 times . Had sex with her the second time i met her. Everything was going great. She started trusting me , opening up to me . Last night i told her to have sex with her without a condom . She told me to put condom i said its okay i wont cum inside you . She trusted me i came inside her. I was drunk when i made this mistake . She felt extremely angry when she found out this and told me to never speak to her again . She Got up went to washroom came back and slept on a different bed . I tried to apologise she said why you did this i trusted you now i will feel terrible until i have my next period. I apologized to her and asked her to take pill . She said do you know how terrible it feels after taking pill and she was supposed to leave town next day she was going to her home country for 2 weeks which she already told me before . I was regretting what i did as i spoiled her trip as she would be worried all the time now till she has her next period . Next morning when i woke up she told me to leave the house . I asked her so you dont want to have any contact with me she said no i dont . I asked are you sure she said yes . I was packing my bag to leave and then went to kitchen to have water she said what is taking you so long angrily , at this point i lost my cool as i thought this girl wont even let me have water so i said you are such a bad and pathetic person and i regret that why i even met you and then i said i am leaving goodbye. I left the house texted her i hate you , Instead of making things right you want to end everything . Everything is so easy for you . Then i calmed down and texted again i am sorry for what i did and went back to her house . I called her and asked her to open the door . She did open . I apologized to her for everything . She said instead of apologizing to me in the morning for what happened last night you reacted this way . She said you could have apologized and left the house and given it time and space but the way you reacted showed your weakness and i dont like weak people. I said i was angry that the girl i thought cared about me wont even let me drink water . Then i apologized again and asked her to comeback. She said she has decided what shehad to and said she will not change her mind . I tried convincing her she didnt listen and said i have to work And asked me to leave the house again . I pleaded and apologizes more , it didnt work so i had to leave the house . I texted again after leaving house saying i like you and what we had was really amazing and asked her to give me another chance she said she liked me too And she enjoyed yesterday evening and the time we spent together and that she doesnt regret it and that she will tell me the news in one month . I said dont leave :frowning: i really like you she said she wish it never happened. I said i will make things better i promise you dont have to go . Then She said i feel the way i feel and i wont change it i am sorry . I said if you really liked me you would give me another chance. She said i did like you thats why we had such a good time together but i dont give another chance to people who behave this way and hurt me like you did … after that she stopped replying . So guys tell me will she ever give me another chance? What do you think ? What’s the best i can do to have her back . I really want her back.

In my experience, girls dig guys who know about paragraphs.


This has potential for so much win :popcorn:



I fucking hope she doesn’t – you’re a manipulative asshat … You need to seriously work on yourself before trying to get into any emotional relationship with another human being. My god … you fucking busted in a girl who explicitly told you not to and then you get mad at her for kicking you out of the house??

Jesus man. Get a grip on your life.


Just reading this gave me that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach you get when your girl says she’s “late”. This is terrifying yet entertaining

No one here could ever tell you how this will play out but you completely trashed her trust in you in a serious way that could have implications for the rest of your lives. Reversing roles, if some girl lied to me about being on the pill, I dont think there is any coming back from that


This is like some other countries version of train spotting except the needles are bigger and the heroin gets you pregnant.


This is a fuuuuuccckkkked up thread. Busting in a girl (who explicitly tells you not to) could be considered a form of rape/sexual assault could it not. As she explicitly didn’t give you consent to finish inside. Either way the pull out method isn’t reliable, pre ejaculatory fluid built up during arousal may have sperm in it, however suprisingly when done properly it’s fairly effective, statistically only like 4/100 will get pregnant, however those aren’t odds I’d take, then again many don’t have the self control to actually not pull out in time.

Its really hard not to judge you here. Everyone makes mistakes, however this seems… Really terrible. You fucked over this poor girl, then got mad at her when she tried to kick you out (unsurprisingly and deserving my) out of her house. Then seemingly attempted to manipulate her into taking you back, am I missing anything?


From the mount position, put your hands in a CPR position and cover her face, putting all of your weight on her jaw structure. This is going to make her turn to the side. Strikes can also make your opponent turn over, but we’re going to stick with pressure for this on account of your romantic intentions. There’s no need to get fancy, just keep that pressure on the jaw and she will turn over.

When she does, climb high onto the back and get your hooks in, using your hips to keep pressure on her torso and flatten her out. Congratulations, you’ve taken her back.

Now you just gotta work on your finishes.


So… sexual assault. Got it. “Messed up” is a bit of an understatement. “Messed up” is putting her blouse in the laundry when it’s dry clean only. What you did is legally considered rape in some countries.

Oh, my bad. Nevermind then. Silly girl with her silly mood swings getting mad at you for no reason. For sure she’ll get over it in time.

Why? You’ve only been together a month and you’re panicking at the thought of having a kid with her. It’s in everyone’s best interest, especially hers, if you leave her alone.

(Side note regarding the potential troll card: If this dude didn’t have several years worth of threads here with the exact same attitude, I’d call troll. Reality is, dude’s simply living in his own world.)


Yea I was thinking this was a form of rape, just wasn’t sure if I was right. in court someone can be prosecuted for something like this can they not?

This thread has left a bad taste in my mouth, I’m mildly disturbed… Seriously what the fuck… Poor girl :frowning:

Fucking judge away man … dude came in here asking to be judged, what do you think an opinion is? A judgement.

Stop pussyfooting around and take a stance on something lol


because he’s a possessive douche who needs to be in control of the situation. That’s why.


My advice would to talk to her dad about what to do. Im sure he’d be understanding and see your point. As a father of two daughters myself I’d have some choice words for you. But you’d probably hear from my fist first. Who knows it might Work out well. Some people need a few good ass kickings to finally grow up.


Depends on the country, but yep. Google Fu says thats how it is in the UK, for example.

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I don’t like judging, esp of forums because it’s hard to know the full story, however this is just… so terrible I can’t any variable in this story could make this acceptable, the whole notion of making a drunk mistake… Being drunk simply takes away your inhibitions (at least in my experience), it doesn’t force you to sexually assault anyone, it merely takes away the “maybe this isn’t a good idea” aspect of the activity, likely meaning it was an idea previously (now don’t get me wrong, everyone occasionally has fucked up thoughts, I’m sure almost everyone has thought about harming their childhood bully (at the time when they were a child) however they’re the kind of thoughts you think, “wait, ew, what the fuck” and then you stop thinking about it unless you have some type of obessive compulsive disorder however I’m going off track), however if being drunk makes you rape people then it might’ve been an idea you previously thought about quite a bit without the whole thinking “wait, this is wrong and fucked up… nooooopppe”. Hence why alcohol makes some people aggressive, esp those with aggressive personalities/ repressed tendancies, alcohol caused Mel Gibson to say he hates Jews because he was anti semitic (lack of inhibition, he disliked Jews however he knew not to say it in public, without the inhibition… he ruined a long portion of his career, hence why I as a Jew will not pay to see a Mel Gibson film anymore).

Anyway the guy in this forum seems like a total piece of shit, and I don’t usually call people out on anything, especially on forums even when I’m in disagreement of their actions or opinions because it’s truly none of my business, however this is absolutely disgusting. What a prick, seriously, the girl TRUSTED him (although the whole sex without a condom thing is risky, pullout method or not, the risk for STI’s, unplanned pregnancy etc is still there) And he ejaculated inside her, then got pissed off at her for being mad at him for sexually assaulting her? WTF is this shit, and why would anyone post about doing something as terrible as this? He’s the pathetic person, not her. I actually got angry/ triggered over this forum post. I hope he doesn’t get a phone call 9 months later for HER sake, he doesn’t seem like he’d be fit to be a father.

Some kind of underlying personality disorder must be present for a person to act like this……… Jesus if I wasn’t infertile and I one day had a daughter and one of her hook-ups/ boyfriends came to me and told me this kind of story I’d probably give him as ass kicking (if he wasn’t tall and huge) or call the police if that wasn’t an option. (I’m aware violence can get a person in trouble, but my god, this is just so bad… I’m upset.)

An opinion is my view on a subject, if I was to say “hey I think X should be legal” X being a variable, so lets say were talking about marijuana and I say “marijuana should be legalized” (I’m not a pothead, nor do I smoke weed, just giving an example) That’s an opinion. If someone smoked weed and I was like “ahh you smoke weed you piece of shit, you’re a lazy stoner who contributes nothing to society etc” while this sounds extreme, if the only thing I knew about the person was that they smoked weed, it would be an example of passing judgement. I don’t know this person who posted the thread, as a matter of fact I don’t think i’ve read any of his previous threads, however given the aforementioned post and you’re encouragement I think this might be one of the few cases where it’s appropriate for me to judge someone online despite this being none of my business because the whole situation is so…… unsettling and vile.

Might wake up with a huge flame for passing judgement, but meh, I don’t care anymore, nothing can really change my opinion on this.

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hahaha I didn’t know this was a term until today, awesome! If I’m ever in an arguement about something I don’t know anything about (unlikely to happen, but ya never know) I’ll just google FU THE FUCK OUT OF THE TOPIC while the arguementative party isn’t looking!

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Yeah, goes under rape laws in Scandi countries, its what they are trying to extradite the Wikileaks guy Julian Assange over, believe he faces something like 4+years jailtime

Well now. That wasn’t very nice of you, was it?

Ah yes, because girls absolutely love taking the morning after pill. You are really quite the gentleman.

This wasn’t a particularly nice thing to do either, was it?

Depends on whether or not she has any self-respect whatsoever.

So tell me: do you consider yourself to be a good person? Do you think that you are making this girl’s life better?


You’re a giant piece of shit, and I legitimately hope that you make your way very quickly to prison or death. I’m not remotely kidding.

You sexually assaulted this woman. And then YOU got mad at HER? You told her she’s a bad and pathetic person, because she wouldn’t let you have water after you fucking SEXUALLY ASSAULTED HER?

I was talking in another thread about how it’s very hard to provoke me. This is one of those things that does. And if you were in front of me right now, and you told me this story to my face, you might not live to have an opportunity to do this again.

Die from 1000 cuts, you mother fucker.