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Messed Up Timing Post Cycle, Advice?

Male 35 first “cycle”. Started around april 2018, last shot injected 30th december 2018. Doses have been higher than normal TRT, but never more than twice that. Test and EQ.
HCG have been used very irregularily.
I never did much research. I got everything from a co-worker. The guy is experienced, and i took his teachings as gospel. But he has a experimenting-is-fun type approach, and has no interest in going off roids ever.
I played around with the thought on staying on TRT doses forever, but hairloss got the best of me so here we are.

I was going on vacation so i figured it was the perfect time to do the PCT. Legal over the counter and much cheaper than illegal purchases at home. Friend told me for PCT just blast high doses of HCG.
So i did. Around 1000 IU for four days straight (This was 15-19 jan)
I had irregular breathing problems (thought it was altitude, still might have been) so i started reading about HCG and again, here we are…
I have obtained some knowledge from reading this forum, but as a slow learner still havent grasped all of it.

Feel free to call me an idiot, but please include your opinion on the best solution going forward afterwards. Gracias.

I leave home 30th of january.
Most likely will not be able to obtain serms before february 20th in my home country. (I could cross the boarder and smuggle it, but its a hassle)
Mood: I feel fine, a bit lacking in the energy department, not as outgoing as i should be on vacation.

Option 1:
Get more HCG, do MUCH smaller doses until i leave the country.
Pros: Libido to smash all the latinas waiting for me ( I do rate this quite highly)
Cons: Further potential of desentizising LH receptors ect

Option 2:
Start doing serms and do them ED or EOD until i leave (30th jan, thats one week ), then pick it up again when i obtain in my home country (around 20 feb)
Pros: Get the top of HPTA going
Cons: Will be a long break between serms intake, due to difficulty obtaining in home country.

Option 3:
Do nothing and wait to see if i really need serms… and if i do, start taking them around february 20th.

Option 4:
Start doing serms now for one week, then run around the hometown gyms to see if i can get my hands on any (pretty sure its doable, but a bit risky)

Took bloodwork but its in spanish, which i dont really speak much of.
Vets will know what it is by looking at it, anything unclear i will google translate them.
The clinic lab seemed very helpful in their rapidfire spanish and gave me a better and cheaper option, but im seeing its severly lacking in the estrogen measurement department, so maybe this bloodwork wont help much. I could go back and get more tests, but it isnt cheap…

Ya I can’t read that shit but from the looks of it your hormones look fine altho I didn’t see anything I think was a estrogen test on there which could be sky high due to all that hcg or maybe not because you didn’t run it for that long.

I didn’t read anything about you saying you feel bad or are having libido/erection problems or energy problems.

Maybe someone that reads Spanish can better look at that. But shit looks like it’s within ranges and if you feel good then why do a restart pct? Are you just worried? Which would make sense because If I’m reading that right it looks like you ran an 8 month cycle? But snapped back well which his amazing

It’s just not as fun when someone is ok with it. Takes the sport out of it.

LH and FSH are very low. That’s no bueno. Testosterone seems in range but a little low for 35. But certainly nothing to worry about too much, at least not immediately. Free T is low, so that’s an issue. Cholesterol is good. This is not the kind of blood work you’d normally see from a 35 year old who was on an extended blast with no pct.

Yeah, test results seem OK (didn’t check all details on the lower, you even got a Growth Hormone Serum, pretty cool. Can’t see estrogen but prolactin is low, which is a good sign (although might not mean anything in your case). Should be relatively easy even for non spanish speaker to understand the results, names are almost the same as in English.
Problem is your last shot was on december 30th, not sure what you injected but you probably still have Test from the injections in your system, so it could get worse (400 is pretty low for your age, but still within normal range, i had the same @44 and still found it low. ) LH and FSh still near 0, happens with both Test injections and HCG, yet i don’t know how it is supposed to look when one is using HCG for PCT, nor much about PCT, but hopefully someone can add input on the topic.
Dunno about the situation in the states, is it a problem to bring personal consumption quantity of serms ? With a prescription from a latin american doctor if needed ?
I don’t like the idea of running around the gyms looking for médecines, but you can also see a doctor back home.

Appreciate the replies.

I cant see a doctor back home. I cant bring anything with me (eu country, nazi customs )

Havent found anything about HCG halflife, it was a big blast 1000 IU four days straight, so i dont know if that`s still responsible for the T.
If the T crashes, especially since Free T is crashed, that could be problem, because FSH and LH is crashed. ( or am i misunderstanding how things work? )

Apart from that, yes i`m just worried. My friend has read everything everywhere, and says people are being overly cautious. Just to wait and see if there are any symptoms for gyno.
Not feeling any estrogen issues, rubbed my titties (pardon my tequila) and no lumps, puffy hard nipples yes, but then again i always had those so no crying wolf there.

Your e2 is probably high given the insane doses of hCg that you ran. But if it hasn’t hurt you yet then it’s unlikely to happen now. You’re sort of out of the window of when you’d notice the negative effects of it. You really should just find a SERM and figure out how to take it for four weeks. Take the pills and put them in a bottle of vitamins or something when you go through customs. People smuggle exotic animals through customs, so you should be able to get a handful of pills through.

Any repercussions of taking a serm for a few days, then a few days off the serms, then jump on again when i get them in my home country?

How do you feel? I never saw you mention anything about that. Are you making this post because your worried or do you feel like shit?

No real danger there, no. There’s a difference between being suboptimal and outright bad. That scenario is suboptimal but certainly not any real problem long term.

Ok, i will just wait it out and see how it goes. Order some nolva for mid february just in case it turns around.

I feel just fine. Not emotional at all, still have that aggresiveness (for better or worse)
Of course energy levels and libido not as good as it was on juice but im out doing stuff all day, and i can take a bite of a cialis for sex.

After reading all the strict writings about the importance of PCT i just freaked out a bit.

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