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Messed Up Pelvis


Well that first text didn't make much sense so here's the edited version..

It all started with anterior knee pains in my left knee which only showed itself when squatting but besides that it was all good.

Lately though, I've been experiencing some issues with my pelvis, which seems to be either internally or externally rotated as my right leg seems to have gotten shorter.
My right leg has always been a bit shorter than the left, but I'm pretty sure it's even shorter now.

I'm not sure, but I'm thinking that due to the knee pain in the left knee, I've been tilting everything towards the right side and away from the pain area which has now caused and imbalance in both the pelvis and messed up my motor control.


Found solution!


What was the solution?!

This issue is pretty common.


[quote]FlatsFarmer wrote:
What was the solution?!

This issue is pretty common.[/quote]

PT in my network decided to help out free of charge. What the solution for the problem is, I don’t know just yet but as far as reaching out for help on the board is concerned I deem this a better option. Hence the solution found :slight_smile: