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Messed Up My PCT. How to Fix?

I finished my first cycle of 12 weeks Test Cypionate at 250 every 3 days on June 15th. I messed up and started my Nolvadex PCT 3 days later on June 18th and did two weeks at 40 a day. Saturday was my third week and I’m down to 20 a day now. I fucked up and realized I started the PCT way too fast. I realize now I was supposed to wait 2 weeks. What do you guys think I should do? Now that I’m at the actual 2 week mark should I start the PCT all over again at 40mg per day for 2 weeks?

No, just continue at 20mg/day for the next 4-6 weeks and you’ll be fine. You could start at 40 again if you want but it’s not necessary.

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you’re fine. you just wasted some nolva, that’s all…

next time i’d suggest 20 mg/day instead of 40 mg/day…

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Just to educate myself. Why is 20 okay and not the 40 that I see recommended everywhere?

Others can correct me if I’m wrong since I’m on TRT and was never really a PCT expert, but stimulating too much test production can also stimulate too much E2 production, which will shut you down once you stop taking the SERM if E2 is still elevated. That would result in a failed PCT (at least temporary failure).

Tapering down to 20 or 10 eliminates this problem, but the higher amounts are just unnecessary IMHO, though some people still like the 40,40,20,20 method and have good results with it. Though some evidence would suggest that a longer, lower dose PCT might be more effective. 20mg is well within the therapeutic range of this drug; in other words, at 20mg it’s already doing it’s job.

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dang man, i posted an entire thread that explains it…