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Messed Up My Hand


I was playing football with a few friends and caught the ball wrong and it hit my thumb. I would like to say I jammed it, but ive had a few jammed fingers before, and they never have swollen up/hurt as bad as this one. the pain goes down my thumb and a little into my palm.

What do you guys think? Ive never had a jammed thumb, so anyone whos had this, please chime in.


It’s possible that you broke your thumb. I broke my thumb in that exact same way. I gave it a week to see if the swelling went down, and went it didn’t I had it x-rayed. Here’s a little test. With the back of your hand facing towards you, point your thumb away from you and push down gently. If it hurts badly, that’s not good. Alternatively, try benching, and if you can’t hold the bar with over 135, you’re in a bit of trouble.


I broke my thumb in highschool from football, didn’t really hinder my training or anything. You might not be able to use dumb bells but other than that it’s not even an issue, just use straps. Use a thumbless grip when pressing and pulling and you’re good to go.

Having a broken thumb sucks but it doesn’t mess up too many things. Good luck man.


Play through the pain…and drink more milk.


I think that you should go to the doctors ASAP and get that thumb xrayed.

I have had two fingers jammed/broken. I let them both heal on their own now they both hurt when I do certain things. I wanted to try out kickboxing but I couldn’t because of my fingers and small things like using your finger at your heel to put your shoes on has to change. I also can’t straighten one of them. It is annoying and irritating.

Especially if you play football… if it is broken, you may want to have the doctor set your thumb properly.




i guess that saying only works when you say it…


You can play football just fine if you have it casted, as long as you’re not a skill player. You can’t bench or clean if you get it casted though, so there are trade-offs. Do you just play football for fun?


Hey everyone, thanks for the responses. My thumb is feeling a little better. Ive been icing/wrapping it and the pain/swelling has gone down a good amount. I think it’s safe to say I didnt break it, but I know something’s not right.

165StateChamp: I just play for fun once in a while.


I jammed my thumb on my bulging quads sometime in February trying to jump across a patch of grass from the sidewalk to the street.

It still hurts when I press my thumb toward my pinkie and sometimes when I use dumbbells. Assuming that I did it wrong by not visiting a doctor, you should probably see one. On the other hand, 2 years ago I jammed my other thumb playing ping pong on the table and I did see a chiropractor and he did absolutely nothing to fix it, and that lasted for quite a while as well. But that thumb doesn’t hurt anymore.