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Messed Up My Cycle - PCT for 8 Weeks?

Hi guys,
Long story short I was on my first cycle with 500 mg test e/week. Had great gains but my blood pressure hit the roof. Had to come off after 8 weeks. I’m going to start pct in 3 days (2 weeks after last pin). I currently have 30 pills with 50 mg clomid (was originally planning on getting Nolvadex as well but didn’t have time as I had to come off the cycle). I also have som arimidex.

How do you guys think I should do the pct? Do I need a strong pct considering I’ve only been on it for 8 weeks? How would you guys distribute the doses? I’m 26 years old.

Really appreciate all the help.

Pct for eight weeks is the same as it is for 10 or 12 weeks. What pct were you planning on doing prior to bailing on the cycle?

I had planned both Nolvadex and a larger PCT with clomid. 100/100/50/50. The problem is that the rest of the pct was supposed to come week 14 (as I planned on running test for 12 weeks not 8).

I unfortunately can’t get my hands on more Nolvadex but could possibly get some more Clomid. You think I still need as strong pct with 8 weeks cycle?

Well the good news is that your planned PCT is way more nolva than you should need. Try 40/40/20/20 which is a typical pct and you should have enough nolva.

I think you misunderstood it was the clomid amount.
Nolvadex was always supposed to be 40/40/20/20 but I don’t have the Nolvadex yet and it will be too late by the time I get it.

You’re right, I did mis-assume you had some Nolva on hand. Sorry for the confusion.

Just run the Clomid then. You’re overthinking this. Things happen, cycles need to be changed, it’s how it goes sometimes. Next time make sure you have what you need before you start. It makes your life significantly better if you’re always prepared.


You are absolutely right. So right now I have 30 pills with 50 mg clomid. How should I distribute these?

Week 1: 75 ED
Week 2: 50 ED
Week 3: 50 ED
Week 4: 25 ED

Do you think this is a decent enough way?

I’d go 50/50/25/25. But the way you have it isn’t bad, either. I’m just always focused on minimum effective dosage, and I think for a lot of guys that’s 50. But some people run 150+ that first week. I don’t know why, but they do.


Thanks a lot, then I will do it like the way you proposed. Funny thing is that I don’t really feel any different now. Sex drive is still good, same with the libido and erections. No depressed feelings or anything like that. Will start PCT tomorrow.

Wait longer than 2 weeks after last pin to start PCT or it will most likely not restart your HPTA.


Is it not 2 weeks after last pin one should start pct?

It’s what everyone does, but it’s not technically correct when you factor in the actual length of time that the accumulated half lives of testosterone need to be eliminated.


I have made scientific calculation and after 21 days daily released testesterone becomes lower than avg male production for sustanon esters if you take 500mg sustanon per week

By the way longest Ester in sustanon was 10.5 days

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The longest ester in sustanon is closer to 14 days. The decanoate ester takes a little longer when paired with nandrolone (~15 days), but with testosterone it’s usually noted as having between a 12-14 day half life.

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I used test e, and as I said I have still very good sex drive. Really can’t feel any different. Will maybe wait and do pct 20 days after last pin.