Messed Up My Arm

Last week I injured my arm during a drunken arm wrestling match. I didn’t feel it right away but I woke up the next morning and my arm was screaming. The pain is where your forearm meets your biceps brachii, on the inside of the arm.

Against my will I took five days off and finally went and did chest today. The lights sets weren’t bad but as soon as I went heavy I got an intense pain in my arm. I’m going to see my doctor on Monday, but has anybody has a similar experiance or any adivce. Thanks a lot in advance.

Arm wrestling is such an easy way to screw up your arms. I’ve turned down a lot of matches because I know the next day there’s no way I will be working out with that arm.

Ice it and rest it, sounds like a strain. I wouldn;t push it till you see a doctor, don’t want to injure it more than you already have.