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Messed Up Knees/Back/Shoulders

I went to the Osteopath because I kept getting knee injuries and pain in between my shoulders.

I had one of my T-spine segments cracked back into place and got told that I need more t-spine rotation work. My scapulae were in good position neutrally, but they apparently didn’t look good when I reached over and needed to do some overhead reaching to reactivate some muscles.

My right spinal erector is lot bigger than my left. My left leg appeared shorter than my right as my left hip was slightly hiked up. My left leg is also visually smaller than my right. My feet are pronated and I have very little arch. My feet face outwards slightly and my patella looks like it’s externally rotated. I got referred to see a podiatrist, but that’s not for a couple of weeks.

I’m doing foam rolling, glute bridges and glute medius work everyday. Other than that I’m not really sure how I should go about fixing myself, particularly the foot pronatation and fallen arches.

I think you’ve better ask Eric Cressey or Mike Robertson (post your question in their “Locker Room”). You could also PM Bushido Bad Boy, a very knowledgeable forum memeber.