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Messed Up Hormones, First Cycle Timing, HCG Questions

Hey guys

I’m a fitness enthusiast with 6 years of training exp.
Weight 82 kilos, 15%bf, diet and training is good, dont wanna discuss that part in detail right now.

So for the past 1-2 years, I lost my libido. Not sure if it was because of marijuana or a hairfall medicine. I did all my bloodwork. Test levels were excellent, but FSH had gone below the normal range.

I’ve gone off both weed, and medication last week, and can already feel my libido return.

Here are some questions I had.

  1. I’ve never run a cycle before, and was prepared to but put it on hold because of my messed up hormones. I plan on waiting 1 entire month before doing bloodwork and that should be enough time for my FSH levels to return.
    Question - once my levels return to normal, do i need to wait before running a basic 10 week test cycle? If yes, how long should i wait?
    I know it cant be good to yo-yo with fsh levels so…

  2. When i was on these forums about a year ago, people used to recommend taking HCG during the cycle. I dont see that mentioned in any discussion these days?
    Is a cycle better with HCG or without?

  3. Are liver support tabs like milk thisle and liv52 needed on a Test-E only cycle? Or are those reserved for cycles with orals involved?

Thanks in advance,
Hairy Dick Brah.

i think this post should moved to t replacement section.

we need more information lab test and medication list.

we dont know why your fsh is low so we dont know if you will recover or need trt but you say your testosterone is normal , define normal do you have free testosterone and shbg result ,maybe even prolactin i think i read a research that says weed increase prolactin,

i know alot of people blame weed for low t including me i didnt have any symptoms before smoking weed but there is no evidence to support it or a known fix other than restart attempt and lowering high prolactin,
my low t was not caused by prolactin the cause is unknown but it have something to do with the pituitary not working to its full potential.

i dont think wait will increase your chance of recovering but since you are off your meds wait atleast 4 week more and test again and see if your fsh increases or not.

once your level is back to normal you can start immediately and yes you should use hcg with cycle some people will disagree, but use it just to be extra safe and shorter recovery.

injectable steroids are not as harmful as oral so its not necessary to use liver support, i had worst live enzymes when i was drinking soda and eating junk and not drinking water at all than when i was taking steroid with cleanish diet and drinking 2l of water minimum a day.

As a heads up, the T Replacement forum is only for guys on TRT. Not guys planning cycles or using higher-than-TRT doses or using prohormones, stacking orals, or whatever.

They’re separate forums primarily because TRT is legit and legal, and steroids are (generally) not. We don’t want to muddy the waters between them. Just because someone’s asking about bloodwork doesn’t mean it belongs in T Replacement.