Messed Up Big Time

OK so I did a 12 week test e cycle 500mg a week about 4months ago did a Nolvadex pct but I’ve had 0 sex drive since pct and I mean 0 it’s really getting me depressed I don’t even want speak to a girl atm as I wouldn’t be able do anything anyway what am I going to do? I know Im stupid for doing steroids I already know that and defo won’t do them again but could it be a estrogen issue as I also pritty sure I got gyno :(??

You didnt mess up. Genetically, you just suck at responding well to steroids.

It’s the risks we all take.

You need to get lab work done to see where you are at… TT, FT, E2, SHBG, FSH, LH, Prolactin


Do I just go to my doctor and tell him what I’ve done? And does it cost to get bloods?? I’m from uk

Wait, you didn’t get blood work done beforehand?

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We need to compile a big post of all these types of posts from 20 year old kids who experienced problems. Maybe some kids would actually start listening to the advice given.

Sorry to hear about your problem though. Sounds like you’ve learned a hard lesson. Go to your doctor. I wouldn’t admit to steroid use personally, I would just say I was extremely tired, zero libido, borderline depressed, and that low testosterone runs in your family. Ask if he wouldn’t mind putting in for all of the stuff blshaw listed above.

Then post your results. Horrible stupid to it have done bloodwork before hand when taking such a huge risk, but some numbers will help better than none.


it won’t cost anything if you desribe the issues you have like Aaron above has mentioned. I wouldn’t say anything about steroid use. could also mention things like struggling to build any muscle or progress in the gym even though you have a regimented nutrition and gym programme.

Not sure the process in the UK. You have to deal with the NhS which is a lot different than here in the states.

It’s verrrrrry unlikely that they will get you a blood test done for all the stats that we/you need.

At Home Male Hormone Blood Test for Masculinity, Fertility, Wellbeing this is the company I use…you can draw the blood at home or for an extra £25 they can arrange for you to go somewhere and have it drawn.