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Messed Up After Increasing Dose

So I have consistently been on an every 3.5 day protocol for over a year now and has always gave me steady levels.

My SHBG is low around 12 - 14.

It took me a long while to get dialled in but discovered that I feel best around the 500 - 650 ng/dl mark for Total T.

I dropped HCG about a month and a half ago and increased my testosterone dose to compensate to 75mg a week split into 2 doses.

I recently over last month tried increasing my dose to see if I would benefit from a bigger dose and higher levels so I wasn’t doing it as a blast as such but what’s happened is I feel completely off again and all over the place. I dropped back down to my 75mg a week and have lost most of my muscle mass and just feel completely awful and tired all the time and it’s affecting my work and life in general.

I tested my Total T last week and has dropped down to 345ng/dl, is this normal? My questions are:

Why have my levels dropped to lower than before on the same dose as before?

Have I completely ruined how I was dialled in?

Will I now have to increase my standard dose to try and dial in again?

Also now on the 3rd day after injection I feel a major dip and drop which I didn’t experience before this experiment, I thought that you don’t become ‘resistant’ to testosterone like other drugs.

I seem to be extremely, extremely sensitive to changes and fluctuations, especially low and high levels outside of my sweet spot.

Appreciate the help and advice and it’s all learning for me, going forward I will be staying in my sweet spot again once I find it and minimise any changes.

You’re missing some details (time on blast, dose, etc). But my first guess would be you’ve driven your already-low SHBG even lower with the test blast. It will probably come back up now that you’re back to normal, but I don’t know how long that takes. You could try doing EOD shots and keep your dose the same. Might feel better.

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This would further back up my theory

Really appreciate the reply.

So my time on increased dose was about 3 weeks, then started feeling off as I do when levels get high, sleep issues, tiredness, off and uncomfortable.

I then dropped down to 75mg and tested after 2 weeks and levels were low.

I think you could be absolutely right and I suspected that myself, I’ll buy myself a test and get all markers tested and see what’s what.

My own fault I suppose but thought that I would try increasing my dose to that of what most are on TRT like 100mg a week plus.

I’m on a relatively low dose but should have just accepted that I felt good and not look at numbers and doses etc,

Suppose I could try M, W, F protocol and do 25mg 3 times a week.

Will just have to try and ride this out and hope I go back to normal again.

I fall into this trap all the time. But since it’s just been a few weeks if you give it a couple more you might feel more normal. There’s a latency with this stuff & we don’t feel changes right away usually.

That said, with your SHBG low I’d still try MWF or EOD if you’re looking to experiment

If you’ve lost most of your muscle mass over the course of three or four weeks then it’s not the testosterone, and I’d be pretty alarmed if I were you.

I am alarmed, what is your line of thinking?

My line of thinking is this: if you’ve been eating regularly then you have a tapeworm and if you’ve lost your appetite and dropped all muscle in a matter of a month then you’ve got some advanced virus that’s also asymptomatic in every other way.

(I don’t actually believe either of those)

It’s more likely that you’re overestimating what you’ve lost in terms of muscle (unless you are for real eating in a 1,000kcal+ deficit) and that you feel like shit because your dosing threw you off. In other words, things aren’t as dire as they seem, but your hormones are a mess so it intensifies the bad feelings.

But seriously, how has the diet changed in the last four months? Training? Sleep? Any details you can give are helpful.

I am over exaggerating the muscle mass, obviously the raw muscle is there but I feel smaller, depleted and softer etc.

My diet has been rigid for over a year, porridge, peanut butter, protein powder, chicken and brown rice and honey consistently every day with a looser time on a Saturday with a Chinese etc.

That’s not a labour factor to be honest as I know it will come back again once dialled in, I’m more concerned about how I feel in general and the other questions I asked.

If I could describe it, it just feels like I’m crashing constantly, low energy, tired, looser muscles, strength and blunted sex drive.

Is it just a game of giving my body time to adapt again and just stay on 75mg split into two doses and hopefully it will work itself out again or can you become a bit resistant or need to increase etc

Go with Everyday shots and allow everything to settle. 8-12 weeks. Dont make any changes. Low shbg means you are asking for more consistency.