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Messed up abs! Help?

I have a little problem. I have a six pack, but its not a nice lookign one
On the right side, the Very top is very small, and then the bottom and middle are fairly good sized.
On the left, the very top is almost big as the middle one on the right, but the middle on on the left beats them all by a little. The very botom is like the upper most right one, a little bigger, just barely. Why is it like this, and how do i fix it?

Why don’t you post a pic of your abs at the photo section of this forum? That would help people get an idea of your problem.

The top is small and the bottom middle is good sized compared to the middle right but the middle left beats them all and the bottom is like the upper one??

What the hell is that sopposed to mean? Posting your pic is a good idea cuz that sounded like a bunch of giberish.

Too bad - you’re stuck with what you’ve got; unless you could pay for someone to do some cosmetic re-construction.

Get someone to assess your posture from behind. You are likely to have a bit of a spinal curvature (scoliosis) or you might have one hip sitting up higher than the other or some other minor abnormality. This can throw your entire musculature off and cause exactly what you describe.