Messed Myself Up After Stopping Self-Administered TRT, Advice?

Hi All
36 years old. Been on trt dose, 150max per week is all I ever did. first ever time doing this so never PCT’d. started pct nolva 20mg and clomid 50mg 3 weeks after last test enth

2 weeks into my PCT ( which is 2 weeks ago ) I had a one of a kind panic attack when I was outside, and never had one before. managed to get through it, and dropped the clomid. didn’t really go out to test but felt a little better, so added it back in again as I didn’t have to go out anywhere

anyway, another panic attack. I read another forum and someone suggested my e2 was too high, so I took 12.5mg of aromasin ( I know, I know. I’m an idiot ) and for next 2-3 days I’ve been tired, sad, depressed and very anxious

my question is, what do I do now? I can’t continue to feel like this. I do realise I’ve been very stupid but im very low mentally

I have Test Prop in my cupboard, ready to rock. surely that will make me feel better than I can plan a proper PCT, or will that just fuck me up even worse?

thanks guys

So are you on TRT or were you just trying to cycle? If you were cycling 150mg is plain ole dumb. You shouldve cycled at least 400mg/wk then PCT. At this point stop taking shit. Estrogen is not evil and doesnt cause bad things for the majority of men. So stop taking whatever you have planned at this point. First you need to decide if you’re on TRT or cycling. You then need to draw labs immediately and then you can make a plan.

It’s a long story but I had lowish T and thought I would try TRT as UK doctors are stupid. I felt okay on TRT, but not a massive difference so thought I’d come off

as of right now, I feel absolutely fine. I honestly think that tab of aromasin I stupidly took, really crashed me and its now day 4 and starting to feel better, the timings match up

so as of right now, I’m not on anything. no clomid, no nolva. I managed 4 weeks of nolva and clomid

I can get labs pretty easy, will do this week

Perfect. Don’t take anything for 3-4 weeks then get labwork and see where you’re at.

I got mild panic attacks on Nolva. Can’t say for sure that’s what caused them, but the timing lines up. It blocks e2 signaling in your brain & that’s prolly not a good thing

You should be fine. The recent changes def made you have a bad experience. Eat, sleep, and exercise for now. You should bounce back.

Since I made this post, I have been feeling fine apart from one little boat of anxiety before which lasted like 5 mins, very strange
I know what highs can be, but i didn’t expect the lows to be this bad
i can take no sex drive and no erections, but messed up mental is on another planet