Message from Brock

Just wanted to let all you T-Folks know I am
still alive and kicking…unfortunately, there
have been a few issues in my life which I need
to work through and work out right now and I
can’t really devote the time I should to
training or writing and such. I think Cy
Wilson will be taking over the steroidal
writing duties…and you’re in great hands
cuz Cy is a bright and intuitive guy. I am
planning on a new column in the next few
months called “Brock’s Basics” which will
deal more with nutrition, manipulating
such, and optimizing what you eat to meet
your goals. But until then, I am going
to be away for awhile until I straighten out
some personal issues. Best regards to
all!!! Brock Strasser

Thanks for the update, Brock. I think that I can safetly say that we are all behind you.

Get back soon…your insights have been invaluable…

I hope all things work out. My prayers are with you.

Take care of yourself, Brock. I hope all works out.

Oh Brockie please, please, don’t leave, sob!
Hey take care man we’ll be here when stuff gets straightened out. Later-LW