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Message for Dre

Dre, just wanted to let you know that there
are no hard feelings about the “personal
wealth vent” thread. My points in that
discussion were not directed at you
personally, they were directed at some of the
ideas you were advocating. Just because I
disagree with your politics, doesn’t mean I
have anything against you personally.
Actually, just the opposite. I appreciate a
lot of what you have posted. I just choose to
“agree to disagree” about our
political/philosophical views, without taking
it personally. I hope you can do the same.

None here … the post you and Mufasa have going was the first thing I saw when I got here now and I posted there without seeing this. My reaction to you as opposed to others that went harder on me than you was only because you are one of the people that I respect here (I lurked here since day one and read you and others posting on this forum for many months before I posted).

Cool, deal. Have a good weekend.