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Message Board Bias: C. Shugart and Others

At one time we had some of this “gossip” tracked by an ex-military intel guy and (surprise!) most of it came from rival mags and supplement companies. One of the worst cases involved an owner of one company posting under dozens of names on dozens of boards attacking T-mag and Biotest. Tim called him on it and he denied it, although there was no way to deny that the posts just happen to come from the computer on his office desk.

There are also a few boards I know of where positive posts about T-mag and Biotest are not allowed on.

Why do they attack us? Because you always try to tackle the guy with the ball. And we got the ball.

Reminds me of what Arnold used to say. He once wrote that he knew he was becoming successful when people started attacking him and spreading rumors. He learned to take it as a positive sign. There’s a good lesson in that.