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Meso-Cycle Strategy


I did the new “HP Mass” program this spring, then ran your “Athlete Lean” program in May/June to get to the best aesthetic condition of my life. Thank you!

In early July I popped my SI joint (was being stupid). So, while I have been rehabing, been doing “layers” for delts, tri’s and bi’s. (Set two PR’s in the seated press!!)

I am finally back to full-body training, and have a cruise with the wife for our 20th anniversary in January. I want to run “AL-AS” again late fall, but need to get my butt back in shape so I can handle that program.

Over the next 12 weeks, I need to improve conditioning, restore some lower body strength, and somewhere in there run 4-6 weeks of calorie deficit. Then run the full for weeks of ALAS after that. Reading your other posts from this week, I am guessing you’d recommend against trying to do all 3 for all 12 weeks. What order would you focus on these?

My first draft:

  1. 4 weeks of specialization on loaded carries
  2. 4 weeks of low cal, with freq, low volume sessions
  3. 4 weeks of maintenance cals, focused on strength, speed-strength
  4. 4 weeks of ALAS with the 5/2

Is there a more optimal strategy?