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Mesmorph or Ectomorph?


Hey guys i just wanted to get your opinion. Im curious as to what body type you guys think i am. And if i am in between which side do i lean more towards?


this one


This one.


This is me no flex. lookin like a fag


I think your body type is Animorph.


. . . . . . . Please can I get a serious response. If not don't post on my threads please.




Even though im very athletic? And am not bone-skinny what so ever. I'de say i have a decent amount of fat on me. I thought i leaned more towards the Mesomorph side.


I'll say 91.28 % Ecto and 8.72% Mesomorph cause you have some broad shoulders kind of.

What the fuck do you want people to say honestly? That you're a mesomorph with freak genetics and you could possibly be the next Mr. Olympia?

Look you seem young, you're skinny and you got a lot of work ahead of you think about that and forget this shit.


I think you are small and that you should eat food and lift weights

not that I'm spectacular or anything, just sayin


I would say you appear more like an ectomorph than anything else


ectomorph. You have zero taper and no ab definition so whatever body type you are its a severely under-trained one.


It was tough but I'm gonna have to go with mr popular.


Ectomorph bro. Your amount of bodyfat is simply due to what ever your daily diet is and style of training (i.e. whether you train for size, or to get shredded). Body fat only relates to body types in terms of how easily each one can gain or loose it, not how much you have individually. Long arms, narrow (un broad) shoulders, long legs, and short torso make up an Ectomorph. You have a good base for a physique so dont let bodytype hold you back because it won't.


Like they said, does it matter? It's not something you can change anyway. I am afraid some people take their 'bodytype' as an excuse sometimes.

Just work out hard, eat big and grow (and well adjust both variables during the process =).


ecto, which i am as well, good luck its a lot of eating!!




Patheticallyweakandneedtogetalotstrongerfastmorph... check...

Good luck.


Hey... I don't think those are real words.


Skinny cunt, Start eating.


No you're not.

Not big either.