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Merry Xmas My Hormone Abusing Brothers!


Sure, sometimes we might be a little hard on the retards and their stupid cycle proposals, and yes, we might get a little frustrated with the idiocy on here...

...but I, for one, love our little corner of the forum. We've got some good dudes on here (you know who you are; too many to mention) and I think that for the most part we have a blast.

So merry xmas guys, I'm raising a glass to all of you!


Merry christmas to you and all of the others.

I was actually going to write something similar. You beat me to it.


Merry Christmas my friends hope you eat well and have alot of fun today.


Merry christmas everyone


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

Ricky - What is Christmas


Merry Xmas. I hope everyone is well and has a great day.