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Merry Christmas


[quote]SWR-1222D wrote:
Kinda makes you wonder how the inner most parts between the legs get clean...

or what they look, smell and TASTE like after a long, hot, humid day.

Things that make you go hmmmm

Admitting you have a problem is the 1st step to recovery!


What the fuck is Doner Kebap?

And how do you make the little dots above your "o"?


Big girls need lovin' too.


Looks like it. Not on a very busy day tho.............. Unless she freaked out alot of bikers. <-:slight_smile:

\|/ 3Toes


Where are the Men in Black when you need them to erase your memory of what you just saw?!!?



Some motivation for you guys. You never, never, never want to qualify for an event like this...whatever it was.


Ok, we've learned that Austrians like to collect pictures of mammoth-women.

And, please, no tubgirl.


Those pics just ruined my day.... Thanks for that.

WHY THE HELL would anyone WONDER what they TASTE like?!?! Holy shit, dude! That's frekaing alarming!!!

Things thatmake me go "bluhhoooork!"


FUUUUUUUUUCK YOU! I'm gonna have god damned night mares tonite!!!! I don't want to scroll down anymore in fear of seeing more horror!!!


Now THIS is Christmas!


Do not image google tubgirl. I promise you don't want to know. Jesus, people will do anything.


Okay, I think I'm glad I didn't click on the image button when doing a Google search for Tubgirl.

I read some of the vague descriptions and came up with something that has to do with a drill so I was too scared to check the pick out.

I can take grossly obese pictures, but not human mutilation.


"Döner Kebap" means something along the lines of "rotating meat". Basically, it is a sliced lamb loaf roasted while rotating around a vertical axis. As far as I know, it has Persian and Turkish roots.

As for the little dots, the letter is called "Umlaut". This, as well as most other special characters, cannot be displayed when entered by means of the keyboard (in my case, a German keyboard). There are several ways to bypass this, for example by using the numeric character entity reference:


In place of xxx, you insert the respective (triple-digit) code (I only know a few by heart).


&#+153 = ™


Actually, we don't only collect pictures of mammoth-women, we... wait a minute, you nearly managed to draw a state secret from me.