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Merry Christmas

It’s 9:25 christmas eve and I’m sittin here at work (in the firehall) reading my favourite web site. I just wanted to wish all the forumites a safe and merry christmas.

Hey, magnus! Bud, best Holiday wishes to you from both Ko and I!

Merry Christmas! and a Happy lean New Year!!

Merry Christmas, dog-murderer!

Merry Muscular, Mofo’in, t-Mag’in, myostatin Christmas!

merry x-mas to you too…hope you have a great day! ;0)

Merry Christmas!!

And Mike, may you and those close to you be mauled by rabid dogs this holiday season.

Christ, Mike, piss off! Sheesh.

To all the other, non-asshole forum members: Merry Christmas!