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Merry Christmas to Me!


I just found out I don't have to pay rent at the end of the month, which means I'm getting a $450 Christmas present! It feels like free money, because as far I see it that was already paid money in my mind. As a Christmas present to myself I'm buying me some Surge Workout Fuel and Superfood early (was going to wait a couple more weeks). Prob the best Christmas present I've ever got... Four Hundred and Fifty Big Ones.

What about the rest of you? Are any of you treating yourself to a Christmas present? Possibly extra supps?


Hey, congratulations. That is a nice surprise.

I got some extra cash in my pay this week which was a surprise because we had a soft year.

Santa's getting me a Titan Centurion squat suit. It's already on the way.


Jesus Christ! Are they that expensive!


Damn that's like.. 45.000? Nice!


My father-in-law gave my wife and each of her siblings $1000. Now, all these people have so much money its ridiculous, as they all inherited a shitload of money from their maternal grandfather. My wife inherited his home wherein he had an actual putting green, indoor pool, the whole works.

When I suggested that they should donate the $1000 to the Salvation Army, they looked at me like I was truly out of my mind! Now I know why they're all rich.

The rich, they ARE different.