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Merry Christmas T-Nation


Merry Chistmas


ho ho ho


I guess I'll post this here....a local department store here in Taiwan asked me to be their Santa.
Here's me giving out candy.


I'm not kidding, in this pic the boy asked where my reindeer were. I was telling him they were up on the roof eating carrots. That was so sweet.


Oh yeah, gotta add the pic!


At the donut shop where Santa bulks.




I fucking lol'ed




waitaminute...Mel Tome just said some other guy had this ready on his piano then Mel Griffith says it's Mel's song...what's going on here?!?!?

Naw, it's a great song. Thanks.


The only christmas song worth listening to.



I'm sorry but because my older brother whom I never really got along with (in a good old Scottish tradition) liked The Pogues makes me wanna punch the main singer in the godamn face for fucking all eternity. I just fucking hate it. I'd likely hate it anyway, even if i din't have problems with my godamned ginger brother.




Nards, I don't think the jolly fat man has a back that can be seen through layers like that. Good job, man.


Thanks for that! I got so many comments on my 'accurate' stomach (that truth be told even though I could stand to lose a few pounds) I did push out a bit.