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Merry Christmas From Iraq!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holdiays. This website has seriously kept me sane over here and has been an awesome home away from home!

Thanks T-nation for being the best godamn website out there.


And if anyone is getting deployed in the near future, bring as much f-ing protien as you can, becuase the food here is shit as far as health-wise and, depending on your job, it is a real bitch to find time to eat.

Keep safe bro. Merry Christmas from home!

Hell yes, Merry Christmas back at you and THANK YOU!!!

Have a good one and stay safe.

I wish you and your fellows a very safe and happy Christmas.

God Bless you, and God Bless America!

Merry christmas and stay strong.

Merry Christmas, XSG. Come home safely.

I’m sure my dinner table was not the only one today that included a prayer for all the people serving over there.

Stay sane!

Be careful! The next on will be at home.

And Thanks!!!


You can have protein shipped to you through your APO.

I brought about a pound with me in my duffel and have bought the rest online. Shipping time is about 10 days.

Great for “between meal” nutrition or when you’re on the move.

Best wishes.

Merry Christmas warrior, you and your fellow soldiers keep safe over there. Remember, in the spirit of Christmas, to allow all those tangos to die for thier beliefs. It wouldn’t be nice of you to keep them from what they want sooooo badly.
-Eye, Muzzle, Target; Aim Small Miss Small; Smooth is Fast

Merry Christmas man and thank you for all you doing out there… you are real hero and a true soldier i hope you have a blessed year and hope to hear you can come home soon thank you again and happy new year… PM me with some info and ill try to send you out some protin or anything eles you may want