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Merry Christmas Everyone!


I remember when the anticipation/countdown for Christmas began the day after Thanksgiving. Now it begins the day after Halloween. So from today on to December 25th, be prepared to get bombarded by Christmas Ads and songs reminding you that "Christmas is coming"!!!!

The media also ruined thanksgiving. Alot of people sleep early so thay can shop the next day for Christmas presents. "Black Friday" ruined Thanksgiving! Also, wtf is up with the media saying, "happy holidays"?? I say Merry Christmas to everyone. A good Jew would appreciate the effort.


Merry christmas!!


nomorewar, I took the kids trick or treating last night and one house had a tree already lit up with lights and decorations! I guess they wanted to be first?


are you really surprised by this? America has gotten way to damn PC over the past decade or so (probably more than that actualy)

I mean they are taking the pledge of allegiance out of schools these days.

My buddy owns a home in san diego that he rents out to an older couple, the father is a retired marine and he flies an American Flag off of his garage all the time. The HOA sent my buddy (the home owner) a letter telling him that the house was is in violation of their policies because of an unauthorized holiday decoration... referring to the American Flag which he refused to take down.

Since when is the American Flag a holiday decoration?


I've seen christmas stuff in the stores around here for at least 3 weeks now. I admit I'm guilty though, I bought a little 18 inch fake version of the Charlie Brown christmas tree at Ollie's (best store ever, btw).


Some people leave their Christmas lights year round but I doubt it has anything to do with them having the Christmas spirit.lol


wow!! thats bullshit. Maybe he should start hanging a pirate flag. I've always loved those black flags with the skull.


I know right? The guy refused to take it down and then they sent another letter to my friend. He basically told them to go fuck off. (hes a former military guy as well)




Today at Best Buy there were co-workers spending their entire shift setting up Christmas decorations around the store.

So... yep.


Flag Day?


If they get another letter from the HOA I suggest they call the local news and have a little feature story done. Asswipes, I swear.


Why I enjoy living abroad.