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Merry Christmas, Bob





Thanks Chris


I remember this article from years back!


One of my all time Favorites :slight_smile:



I've trained on Christmas day and new years day but never as early as 0600.


"That's what separates us from guys like Bob."

greatta indeed!
thanxs for posting it.


Love this!

If anyone needs an extra motivation I recommend Strong by Joe DeFranco if you haven't already seen it.


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I remember reading that and going "Haha what a...hey wait a second...."

Some of that poked me right in the fore head....


I remember reading it for the first time and thinking that the author sounds like an extremely insecure person. Then, upon reflection, I figured that if I were an adult writing for a muscle mag who was having to mingle with people with more "adult" jobs, I would probably be defensive too.

I felt like the story left out the ending: "Then, on December 27th, Bob went back to his six-figure job working in complex securities litigation (or working in IT, as an actuary, or whatever), and I went back to writing articles for 20-somethings with a lot of time on their hands."

All in all, though, it's just a priorities thing while making small talk. It would be like if I sat next to someone who was a med student and expressed an interest in what they do by saying that I thought about being a doctor, only to have the med student rant and rave about how much dedication it takes to be a doctor. It's like "Okay, man...and I clearly didn't make that choice because I had other priorities....big deal...?"


You are missing the point completely.

Also, you can't compare med school and fitness. One is lifestyle and the other career. I'll let you figure out which (please don't say that fitness can be a career, again, that is not the point.)

Is it a rant? Of course. So, read it as such.


That article was great. Thanks for posting this!


This is awesome. I work a 12 hour night shift tonight on christmas and the gym opens when I should be going to sleep at 9 in the morning but there is no missing it. Staying up late and eating an extra chicken breast to hit it.


Although I was initially inclined to meet your condescension in kind, I'll just say that the above-quoted bit is not true. Not worth turning into a debate, so you can have any last words you'd like on the topic, but I just wanted to say that for many of us, career and lifestyle are inseparable, even indistinguishable.

To me, being motivated by Bob, or looking down on Bob's lifestyle decisions is silly and shows real insecurity. Not everyone cares about physical fitness, and I'm okay with that. Doesn't make me any better/worse or more disciplined than they are that I keep a gym routine and such while they either work a lot, spend more time with their families, or play video games. Different strokes for different folks.


Way to ruin an amazing, fun and inspirational post.


... But he has a point.

I use to read that article from time to time to get motivation,but after a few re-reads, it does wreak of insecurity. I do agree too that it is just a priorities thing while making small talk.


Is this a discussion coming on?

Agreed. I have some very motivated friends. One has three kids and managed to become a black belt over the last few years. He doesn't lift weights but occasionally...and you wouldn't be able to tell he was a black belt by looking at him right now considering other stress he has been under. In fact, of all of my friends, I think only 2 or 3 even train regularly at all and none take it as far as I do. It doesn't make the rest who don't train any less motivated in life.

In fact, of the many people who post here I doubt very many live such a structured lifestyle as to hold their nose up at too many other people.

Maybe if the site were filled to the brim with NPC competitors and fitness models....

I am way more inclined to look at what someone has accomplished in the time they've been given overall and not just physically.

But the article would sit better if everyone shouting how great the article is looked like they lifted when wearing clothes. Otherwise, it holds the significance of simply bumping it because of what day it is.

They've turned the article into a re-running Rudolph cartoon made in the 60's.


I think the point of the article is more to show that those who actually care about getting in to shape will. It isn't knocking people that don't care about training. It's knocking the people who make excuses about training and have shitty diets but take every supplement going hoping to change their body.


Who gives a flying fuck about what bob does with HIS life.

That's the problem with the world, no one minds their own business. The people who lift weights and have the attitude of the author in this article are no better than the annoying fucks who make obnoxious faces and comments when someone takes out a healthy meal while others munch on donuts and cake.

YOUR motivation should be to become better than YOU were before in whatever interests YOU.

This is better motivation: Go to 2:40, Ronnie FTW


If none of you have ever gotten frustrated at some doucher who clearly has no intention of doing anything about being fat, ask you for assistance while making small talk, I'd be shocked. People ask me things but I rarely offer any advice aside from asking what they're currently doing and then saying, "Oh yea... stick with that, it should work."

Cause really I don't care about them.

But the essay, while a bit hyperbolic, is really the kind of thing I'd like to say.


Most of the people who make a comment about bodybuilding or muscle mass are just looking for shit to say. I understand that...because I get asked a lot. I mean, if you still care enough to go off on someone, you must not get it often. You can tell instantly whether the person making the comment is really trying to reach a goal or not.

My point is, yeah, I can understand not wanting someone to downplay the hard work I have put into the gym, but the reality is, MOST PEOPLE would never have it in them to work that hard and are just making conversation to make themselves feel better.

It's the human condition. You see the same thing here with some lifters acting like being leaner than someone else alone somehow makes them better.

The average person speaking to you is doing so for their own sake. You sort of have to expect to get more of that shit when you stand out from 98% of the population on sight.