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'Merry Christmas, Bob' ???

Merry Christmas, T-Nation!

I hoped they would’ve posted “Merry Christmas, Bob” today but they didn’t, so here it is:

Happy Winter-Solstice-Oriented Religious Festivals!


HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAA! Wow… I hadn’t read that yet… lol… Nice… :smiley:

Awesome read and funny, but also true. Lots of friends tell me the same excuses, and they don’t understand the way we live…

Seriously… that was really good… I WISH my gym was open today… :S

Fuck it… I’m gunna do some pull ups, pushups, and other shit in my apartment… then hit the showers… :slight_smile:

Deja vu

A great read, year after year!

They posted it!

Mission Accomplished! >=^D